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Functional but Elegant Bedroom Organization Furniture

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Maintaining order in the bedroom is a challenge for most people these days, both kids and adults. We simply have too much stuff but we don’t have enough space to store it. That is one of the reasons why we always end up with cluttered bedrooms, even if we have just tidied up a couple of hours earlier.

If you want to keep your bedroom organized and tidy, one of the secrets is to choose your bedroom organization furniture wisely. Pick pieces do not only look good but are actually adequate for storing everything that you need to have in the bedroom. Here are some vital pieces that we recommend.


Don’t underestimate dressers – they can store so much more items than most people think. It’s quite interesting why a lot of people tend to go for smaller dressers when there are plenty of gorgeous bigger ones available. They are probably thinking that the smaller ones look daintier and thus better. But why go small when you really need more drawer space?

Take a look at this Discovery World 6-drawer dresser, for instance. It has twice as many drawers as the typical bedroom drawer but it does not look bulky at all. You can use it to keep your clothes, bedroom linen, and other personal items.


A nightstand can do so much more than just hold a lamp. For more efficient organization, choose a nightstand that has at least one drawer and storage space underneath. The drawer can hold a variety of personal items, while the space below can be used for books, a pretty storage basket, or a large stuffed toy or two, if you are going to use it in a kid’s room.

This espresso nightstand can do exactly what we are talking about. It makes the most of the space underneath the table top, as opposed to leggy nightstands that are indeed pretty but do not offer much in terms of storage. As a bonus, this particular nightstand has a very elegant finish and is available at an unbelievably low price!

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Bed with Storage

One of the most popular ways to solve many storage problems in the bedroom is to choose a bed that comes with built-in drawers or a pull-out trundle, or both. Usually, the amount of storage space underneath these practical beds is almost equivalent to the area of the bed, which is huge!

Kids Furniture Solutions actually specializes in beds that have storage. They have daybeds, bunk beds, and full-size beds that all have huge drawers underneath where you can store just about anything you want. These drawers are perfectly safe too, since they are equipped with safety stoppers that keep them from falling out when pulled. The drawers themselves are wider and deeper than your average bed drawer, making the most of the space underneath the bed.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you still find yourself constantly wading through the clutter on the floor even after you have installed these amazing bedroom organization furniture, then it might be time to get rid of some extra stuff. Discard, donate, sell – there are several things you can do to de-clutter. Believe it or not, you will actually feel better and lighter once you have freed yourself of things you don’t need!

If you are ready to regain control of your bedroom and start shopping for functional but elegant bedroom organization furniture, just click over to Kids Furniture Solutions. You will find heaps of amazing furniture that will help you keep your bedroom space organized and give you peace of mind.

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