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Bunk Beds That Are Low to the Ground

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When you think of bunk beds, what usually comes to mind are double-layer beds with the higher bunk at a level that is a bit too high for comfort, at least for worried parents. Many kids actually don’t mind the height. In fact, most of them would call dibs on the higher bunk because it’s more fun and exciting. But the concern of parents is perfectly understandable. This is one of the reasons why we are offering a wide range of bunk beds that are low to the ground.

Advantages of Bunk Beds That Are Low to the Ground

They’re not that much different in design compared to higher bunk beds but there are several significant advantages that these lower versions can offer.

Bunk beds that are low to the ground

Safer for Young Children

Despite their eagerness and confidence, very young children might not yet have enough strength and dexterity to climb in and out of a high bunk bed without slipping or missing a step. If the bunk bed is lower to the ground, it means there are less steps to climb. And in case they do fall in spite of the guard rails – because you never know what kind of mischief kids are going to be up to – there will be considerably less distance to fall.

More Peace of Mind for Parents

Consequently, a safer bed means the parents can have more peace of mind. Instead of worrying all the time, or having to be there whenever your kid has to go up or down the bed, you can simply relax, knowing that they can safely navigate their bed even without your help.

Versatility in Design

It might surprise a lot of parents to discover that many bunk beds that are low to the ground actually do not have a bed on the lower bunk. In fact, many of the low bunk beds that we have here at Kids Furniture Solutions have a vacant lower area, which we can customize for you in an infinite number of ways. The height of the space underneath the bed is just right for many of our chest, drawers and shelving units, which can be used to store your child’s things.

Tent Loft Beds

Convenient Play Area

The space under a low bunk bed might be too low for an adult to stand in but it is the perfect size for a child to use as a play area. In fact, you can help your kid turn it into anything they want, which is a great way to enhance their creativity and imagination. They can use it for anything, from hosting tea parties for their stuffed animals, to manning a space station from which they can fight alien monsters.

Criteria for Choosing a Low Bunk Bed

There’s not much to decide when it comes to size because most bunk beds that are low to the ground come in a standard height of about 60” or so, which is just right for the average 5 to 7 year old. What you should really consider, first and foremost, is how safe the furniture is going to be for your child.

Here at Kids Furniture Solutions, safety is our highest priority so we ensure that all our bunk beds have passed safety standards with flying colors. We also pay attention to the smallest safety details, like making sure the edges and corners of the bed are smoothed and rounded to prevent injuries.

The design of the bed and the kind of finish of the wood are also important considerations. With our wide selection, we are sure that you will find a few that you and your child will absolutely love.

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