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Cool and Practical Kid Friendly Home Décor Ideas

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Decorating the home when you have very young children around might seem like a daunting task. Right off the bat, there are some things that you might have to cross out from your list. There can be no glass and other fragile materials, no expensive ornaments, no rugs that can easily stain, and so on. But then, there are still plenty of excellent home décor ideas that you use that are kid-friendly but great-looking at the same time.

Use Your Kids’ Art as Décor

Their paintings might not be as famous as the works of Picasso but they certainly have a unique value. Pick some of these artworks, frame them, and display them in the living room alongside the other paintings that you have.

It will be an excellent topic of conversation for when you have visitors, and it will give your kids a sense of pride and achievement in their creation. Plus, if you ever get tired of a drawing, you can easily switch it up with a new one and just keep the old ones in a box or envelope.

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Display Children’s Books

On a regular bookshelf, place some of your children’s books such that they are leaning against the wall with the covers facing the room. Choose your kids’ favorite books that have the most interesting and quite colorful covers. Make sure that you choose a child-safe bookshelf like the ones that we have from Discovery World Furniture.

This kid friendly home décor idea actually has several purposes. First, a lot of children’s books have amazing artwork on the cover. By displaying these, it’s basically like putting up paintings. Second, you are going to store the books somewhere anyway so this is as great storage solution as any. Third, keeping the books in plain sight will actually encourage your kids to read more. It’s a win-win situation all around!

Use Decorative Storage

One of the problems that moms all over the world usually have is keeping the children’s toys organized. They will constantly be overflowing from your kid’s room and playroom to all other parts of the house.

What you can do is to have storage solutions in various rooms that will serve as kid friendly home décor at the same time. Oversized baskets are great for this purpose. They can contain toys that have somehow made their way into the living room, and your visitors won’t even have an idea.

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Discovery World Furniture Honey Bookshelf

Let them Decorate the Playroom

The playroom is that one room in the house where you can give your kids the most decisive power when it comes to décor. It is their area, after all, so why not let them choose the wall color, the furniture, and so on, with your guidance of course. This is a great way to encourage their creativity and self-expression.

Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

By kid-friendly furniture, we don’t necessarily mean tiny, multi-colored pieces that are more fitting for a daycare than your living room. There is actually a lot of gorgeous furniture that is perfectly safe for kids. For instance, we have plenty of chests, desks, and bookshelves here at Kids Furniture Solutions that look very classy and do not pose any danger at all to young children.

One of the signs to look for when identifying kid-friendly furniture are the rounded corners. This will keep injuries to a minimum in case of bumps and other accidents. Also, if you are buying a drawer, make sure that there are stoppers in place to keep drawers from falling all the way out.

These are just some ideas for kid friendly home décor. With a lot of imagination and some collaboration between you and your kids, we’re sure you can cook up a lot more great ideas to work with.

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