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Toy Organizers for Living Rooms

living room organization

One of the great struggles when you have kids is keeping their many numerous and often spread out toys neat and organized. This is an issue in their bedrooms, but one that also often spills out to the rest of the house, especially dens and living rooms. That’s why it is particularly important to have clear toy organizing options in a living room, to make the process of keeping things orderly easier for both you and your child. 

Ideally, toys that are played with in the living room should go back to their appropriate place in the child’s bedroom when they are done. In reality, this is often overlooked by kids who get distracted easily, and somehow always find excuses to ‘forget’ about them. That’s where a transport storage can come in handy. 

Transport storage can be any decent sized container that can be used to store toys in a single, tidy place until they can be transferred back to where they belong. This can be a chest, a bin, or a box, allowing you to match the décor of the living room. However, you do want it to be lightweight enough that the child can potentially carry it back to their rooms themselves. 

Another option is to carve out a little corner of the living room as a space for play. This can be an area with shelves or a bookcase that can be used to store and retrieve toys when needed. While some spaces may be too small to carve a whole different purpose out of them, the play space does not have to be very big, and can even consist of just a chair, beanbag, or even a spot of carpet to sit on. It lets them be a part of the social center of the home while also having a clear area where the toys must stay. 

When it comes to encouraging kids to keep their toys organized, a little bit of psychology is required. Use fun bins, colorful shelving and storage chests that look like they might be filled with pirate treasure to encourage them to view the act of tidying as a fun game. By engaging their imaginations you create a layer of whimsy over what might otherwise be a mundane task.

Keeping your living room organized when you have children can be a constant chore. Take steps to make it easier on yourself and your child, while employing strategies to engage them in maintaining their toys themselves. In that way you can simplify the process while instilling good values in them. 

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