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Small Room Bunk Bed Ideas

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Populating and decorating small rooms and especially small bedrooms can be a challenge. With limited space you have to make every inch count, both functionally and stylishly. One of the best solutions for maximizing the potential of a room is to add a bunk bed. 

Bunk beds give you the ability to add a sleeping surface to a bedroom, guest room, dorm, or small apartment, without taking up any of the functional floor space. Raised above the room, you can use the area underneath the mattress for storage, a desk, a dresser, shelves, or even a second bed. 

There are a lot of great decorating ideas that can be used to make a bunk bed feel unique, so that it becomes more than just a sleeping surface, but an attraction, or centerpiece in the room. These often involve looking beyond the basic nature of the bed and seeing the potential of these interesting furnishings. 
bunk bed decorating ideas
When dealing with kids bedrooms, bunk beds are an extremely popular and versatile choice. Aside from maximizing the functional space, they are also like giant climbing toys that can be enhanced with a little imagination and a few clever ideas. This includes things like hanging a blanket to make a fort out of the bottom bunk, or using stick-on-stars to create a glowing galaxy just above the top bunk. 

Another idea for kids bunk beds is to purchase a novelty piece that is designed to look like a castle or a doll house. That will transform the reluctance of bed time into a fanciful event of imagination as they take their place in their bedroom palace. Some bunks also have slides, making waking up for school in the morning an exciting adventure! 
Bunk Bed With Desk
For adults, bunk beds are generally a more functional choice. The space saving storage that they afford is particularly important in dorms, schools, and small studio apartments. Often you will want to purchase a bed that matches the style of the space around it. Industrial apartments may work better with metal based furnishings, while more rustic spaces might do better to match with wood. 

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There are a lot of great ideas for bunk beds that can help you to maximize your space in a small bedroom. You just have to be creative when choosing the particular piece of furniture that you want, as well as in the placement and display of it. Allow inspiration to fuel your ideas, and you will always end up with a contented space.

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