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Bed Placement in Bedrooms

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The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. This eponymous piece not only dominates the space with size and surface, but it is also an intentional furnishing. It is created for rest, for sleep, and for rejuvenation. That means that the placement of a bed is an important decision that needs to be made when considering the decorative layout of the area. 

Corners Versus Walls

At the end of the day the best bed placement will come from what makes the individual feel comfortable, safe, and at peace. When it comes to deciding whether to place a bed against a wall, in a corner, or to leave it free standing, there are pros and cons to each. A corner might feel cozy, a wall can give your headrest some support, and free standing is the least confined and claustrophobic. Each person has to decide which features are most important to them.
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Windows and Temperature

Another consideration in bed placement is the position relative to any windows in the room. A window can be a wonderful way to let light and air into the area and create a sense of open space. On the other hand, windows are some of the most vulnerable areas to heat loss in the winter, and they can even let in small chill breezes if not properly sealed. The light that comes in can conversely overheat a room in the summer, or cause the fading of paint on bedroom furniture pieces

Air ducts are another consideration. Whether they are blowing hot or cold, they will only do it sometimes. If your bed is directly under a vent you could be subject to random blasts of temperature throughout the night like periodic hot and cold flashes.

bed placement in bedrooms

Bathrooms and Beds

If you have a bathroom attached to the bedroom, you should avoid putting the bed against a wall that the two spaces share. This is for obvious reasons of noise, and other unsavory sensory effects. If you’re forced to place the bed in that position however, a mirror above it on that offending wall can help to create a sense of division.

Bed placement is something that is very personal. Only you know what makes you comfortable enough to rest. Maybe being nestled by walls is  important to you, or a window view, or being as warm as possible. The best thing that you can do is try a few different positions for your bed. You can switch it up periodically every few months. Eventually, whatever your true preference is will end up sticking around.

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