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What Age Group are Bunk Beds for?

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Bunk beds are a very popular choice among children, especially siblings that share a room. It’s a lot of fun to sleep in a bunk bed, especially the top bunk, and it’s also very practical to use in a room with limited floor area.

But before you go out and get a bunk bed for your children’s bedroom, you have to understand that it might not be the safest or the most suitable choice for very young children. With that being said, what age group are bunk beds for, anyway?

Bunk Beds for School-Age Kids

As a rule, it is considered unsafe for children that are under the age of 6 to occupy the top bunk in a bunk bed. If you have school-age children, then it’s perfectly fine to get them a bunk bed. Just make sure that they understand the proper way to use it. This means there must be no rowdy play in the bed, especially on the top bunk.

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For young kids who are going to be on a bunk bed for the first time, a low bunk bed would be an excellent choice. We have several of these in our inventory. Each one of them comes with safety guard rails to protect the occupant from falling out of the bed. Some of our low bunk beds have a bed on the lower level, and these bunk beds are the ones that are perfect for two siblings to share. Others have an empty area where the lower bunk should be, which your child can use as a playroom.

Bunk Beds for Teenagers

Young kids are not the only ones that enjoy sleeping on bunk beds. Many teenagers like the extra privacy that they can get from sleeping at an elevated level. If you are buying a bunk bed for your teenager, make sure that it will be able to handle their weight.

Here at Kids Furniture Solutions, our bunk beds are technically designed for young kids. However, with the durability of the wood materials that we use, as well as the sturdy support provided by the metal on metal connectors, they can just as safely accommodate the weight of most teenagers and adults.

Bunk Beds for Adults

A lot of adults are not that keen on the idea of sleeping on a bunk bed. But when the situation calls for it, these beds are actually very practical bedroom solutions. Take the case of guestrooms, for instance. A guestroom in an average house today is not that big, which makes sense because these rooms are not used that often.

what age group are bunk beds for

Most guestrooms just have a daybed that can only accommodate a single person. But what if you have several relatives or friends that are coming to visit? If you have a bunk bed in the guest room instead, this would not be a problem. It’s especially great if you choose a bunk bed with a trundle pullout, which would give you even more space.

Choosing the Right Bunk Bed for Specific Age Groups

Before you buy a bunk bed, you must consider the age of the intended occupant. It is very important that the bed can accommodate the weight of the person who is going to use it. The dimensions of the bed must also be appropriate. Bunk beds are available in all sizes, from single to full, so make sure you pick the right one.

Safety is also a primary concern particularly if you are buying bunk beds for young children. Choose only one that is made of premium quality wood and check that it has adequately passed all the standards for the safety of the ASTM.

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