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Day Beds for Guest Rooms


Choosing a bed for the guest room can be somewhat tricky. For starters, most guest rooms are not really that big so this limits your options to single or twin sized beds. Also because of the limited space, you might need a bed that would also serve as storage. Because of these concerns, day beds for guest rooms are among the most popular choices.

Advantages of Day Beds for Guest Rooms

These versatile pieces of furniture are not just a passing trend. They are popular because they offer many advantages that the practical homeowner would definitely appreciate.

Maximizes Space

Day beds are designed primarily to maximize the use of space. Most of them double as sofas during the day, which explains why the headboard is typically found along the length of the bed rather than on one end. The lower part of the bed is also usually fitted with drawers or a pull-out bed for more sleeping space.

day beds for kids

Comes in a Wide Range of Sizes

The most popular dimensions of day beds are those that are suitable for single and twin sized mattresses. At Kids Furniture Solutions, there is a wide selection of sizes, ranging from single to fully double.

Easy to Decorate

One of the amazing things about day beds is that they can look fabulous whether they are used for sitting or for sleeping since they are very easy to decorate. If you position it against the wall, then line up a bunch of throw pillows in matching cases along the length of the bed, you can easily create a very elegant but very comfortable look.

Made of Durable Material

Even though day beds for guest rooms are not expected to be used every single day, you want them to be durable and appealing at the same time. Those that are made of sturdy wood like solid pine are among the most popular choices.

Different Types of Excellent Day Beds for Guest Rooms

Day beds for guest rooms come in a wide variety of styles. From small and simple to more extravagant designs, you will not have a shortage of choices with everything that is available today.

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Day Beds with Drawers

If your guest room is too small to accommodate a separated cabinet or chest for storage, then it would be a good idea to pick a day bed with built-in drawers along the side. You can use the drawers to store bed sheets, blankets or even extra pillows that your guest might want to use. You can also keep towels and toiletries reserved for guests. At the same time, your house guest can use it as temporary storage for their clothes while they are staying at your home.

With most of the day beds at Kids Furniture Solutions, you can choose your preferred configuration under the bed. If you want more sleeping space, you can choose the 3-drawer setup with a pull-out bed option. If you prefer more storage space, then the 6-drawer setup would be the perfect choice.

Day Beds with Trundles

This is perfect for those occasions when you take in more than one guest. All you have to do is to pull out the trundle from under the main bed and you will instantly double the available sleeping space. Of course, if there is only one person sleeping over, you can just leave the trundle underneath the bed where it won’t bother anyone.

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