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Creative Uses for Trundle Beds

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Trundle beds are pull out beds that are stored underneath a regular bed frame. They are sometimes fitted with small wheels to make pulling them out less of an effort. These beds are a great solution if you need extra sleeping space like for a guest room or for a children’s room shared by two or more kids.

Obviously, the primary purpose of a trundle bed is to provide additional space for sleeping. This benefit is most felt in smaller homes that do not have enough space for a lot of permanent beds. Trundle beds will give everyone a space to sleep and can be conveniently tucked away during the day.

But what if you no longer need the extra sleeping space? What if you don’t take in guests that often anymore? Or what if the child who used to occupy it has now outgrown it? Does this mean that the trundle will not go unused? Of course not! Here are some creative uses for trundle beds that you might want to check out.

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Storage for Bed Linen

Many people who buy trundle beds for guest rooms don’t really expect to take in multiple guests at a time. The main reason that they choose a trundle bed is so they can have space to store items for bed sheets, comforters and pillowcases. The pullout frame of the trundle bed is very spacious. You can even use it to store those extra pillows neatly instead of pushing them into the back of your closet.

If this is your intended purpose, you don’t need to purchase the extra mattress when you buy the trundle bed. The mattresses are usually optional anyway. Just buy the bed, place a liner on it to keep the items clean, and conveniently store your linen and other items.

Storage for Toys

Children tend to accumulate toys faster than you can tell them to clean up. Drawers and toy chests can work but it’s actually incredible how these containers get filled up so quickly. So what to do? Get them a trundle bed and have them use the bottom bed as toy storage!

Cleaning up will be so quick because all they have to do is throw in all their toys into the huge pullout. Once that is done, they can push the trundle shut and voila! The room is immaculate and nobody will have to see the heaps of toys hiding under the bed.


Storage for Seasonal Clothes

When the seasons change, that is the time that you would also have to reorganize your wardrobe. It certainly won’t be practical to have all your winter coats still taking up space in the closet during the middle of summer. This is especially true for large families with small homes and limited closet space.

A convenient solution would be to pack up your off-season clothing and store it inside the pullout of a trundle bed. They can stay there without bothering anyone until the season change again, and you would simply rotate your wardrobe. This way, you can save space by only using the closet for the items that you are currently using.

Now that you realize the many creative uses for trundle beds, we certainly won’t blame you if you want to get one for your home right now! You don’t even have to go out to buy one. Just visit the Kids Furniture Solutions website and choose from their diverse selection of trundle beds. There are different styles, finishes and configurations available in the store so you will have no problem finding one that is perfect for your space.

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