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Low Bunk Bed With Stairs – Charcoal



Low Bunk Bed With Stairs – Charcoal


If you are looking for versatility mixed with design in a low loft children’s bunk bed then this is the furnishing for you. This piece is crafted to perfection using all natural wood, stained a lovely charcoal color that can both stand out as an accent, and easily become a part of nearly any interior décor. At the same time the design allows for both the comfort of the child, and the utility of storage, with a great space beneath for placing chests, dressers, and even small shelving units.

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These charcoal low loft beds are built to last. The solid wood materials are naturally durable, and are held together with metal on metal connectors to create a frame that will be reliable through years of use by even the most rambunctious of children. This also provides an incredible level of safety, allowing these beds to actually exceed the American Society of Testing and Materials standards for durability and reliability in furniture products.

The durability and safety of these low loft bunks is enhanced by their design, which ensures an optimal bedroom furniture piece. The height of the sleeping surface ensures that you have the versatility to make even the tiniest of bedrooms functional. Use that elevation to store dressers, boxes, toys, and seasonal items. That can also be room for dressers and shelves. Or you can just leave it as a play space.

Dressers, and bookcases are available for purchase separately.

There is also an element of whimsical imagination that can be inspired by these beds. It isn’t a normal sleeping surface like everyone else has. It is an elevated perch, a place from which a child can look out over the world that is their room and see their dreams. Or drape a tent or blanket over the side and let them hide and have a secret place to have tea parties or club meetings.

The versatility of these low loft beds doesn’t stop there as they can also serve as guest room pieces. If you have friends and family with kids, these can be a supplemental bed in a guest room that lets you incorporate storage underneath. Add this to one of our larger full size captains and loft beds and you have a place for the family to stay comfortably without having to subject them to an air mattress or cart.

Please contact us for discount pricing on multiple beds!

Low Loft Bed With Stairs

Outer Dimensions: 77” X 41” X 44”

Loft tent and storage dresser available separately
Mattress ready with wood slat kit
Made for 8” mattresses in height


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