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8 Creative Uses for Kids Bunk Beds – Make Beds Playful!

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It’s not easy to share your room! Unless you have a creative bunk bed designed to provide space for everyone. Children dream of space travel, adventures in the woods, princesses, dragons, and mysterious treasures. But, to thrive, your toddlers need a place that belongs to them. 

Children don’t always get that when they have to share their room. So to give them a little boost and help cultivate their creativity, make their bedroom decoration more personal and recreational. And since this is where dreams are born, start with their bed. Here are 8 Creative Uses for Kids Bunk Beds.

1. Chinese shadow:

On the top of the bunk bed, attach your toddler’s favorite figurines made of cardboard or painted wood.

Tip: The light from a night light, wall lamp, or flashlight will cast the Chinese shadows of the figurines on the wall after dark.

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2. Camping spirit:

Does your little one think of themselves as an adventurer, Indiana Jones-style? It only takes a few wires, hooks, and blankets to spark creativity with a bed fort. The “forest” wallpaper on the wall near the window is perfect for a camping atmosphere.

Tip: the library staircase, ideal for saving space.

3. Little house:

Place a rod above the bunk beds with pretty curtains. Each of the little ones will, once in their bed, have their own space—a luxury when you share your room.

Tip: the shelves allow children to keep their lamps, books, soft toys, alarm clocks and close at hand.

4. Stairway to Secrets:

Turn every step of the mezzanine staircase or bunk bed into a treasure box, perfect for hiding secrets.

Tip: the green/white contrast brings relief to this staircase. For more originality, give each step a different color.

5. Like in a tree:

What if your children’s bunk bed ladder turns into a tree – Its branches will become a guardrail and protect your child.

Tip: the birdhouse, the bud, and the plane offer very realistic little details for a little one.

6. Like a Robinson:

The most disturbing thing about occupying a high bed is that there is always something to collect downstairs: a rope and a bucket attached to the ceiling. The problem is solved.

Tip: The ladder and wooden beams are second to none for creating a treehouse atmosphere.

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7. An artistic staircase:

Revolutionize the children’s bed stairs. Here the steps create small frames that highlight the “objects” to which your little ones are most fond—a great introduction to design.

Tip: the bars soften the lines of the mezzanine.

8. Some poetry:

Cotton fabric, organza, veil, etc., make a bed canopy in the material of your choice. It can also be an assembly of different fabrics. Attach a bar or rod to the ceiling, well in the center of the bed. Tie off this piece or slide it over the rod to fall on either side of the bed.

Tip: the ‘antique furniture stickers for an actual princess bedroom.

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