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Loft Bed Design Ideas for College Students

College Dorm Bed

Ingenuity and creativity is essential for developing small spaces. Decluttering, installation of high shelves, and use of under-stairs to create additional storage are all ways to save space. With this in mind, installing Loft Beds for College Students will be an effective way to save some room. This piece of furniture allows for additional living space and a beautifully functional and trendy interior layout. 

Some design ideas with Loft Beds for College Students:

Set up a study area under a bed:

It is common to have a desk under a loft bed. However you have to make sure that the furniture matches one another and the style of the rest of the room. It is best to choose study furniture that is light in color or has similar colors to the loft bed. This should be discreet enough to blend in and harmonize with the rest of your bedroom, studio, etc. 

On the other hand, you have to make sure that the dimensions of the study area are suitable for space under the bed. Also, consider installing a small bookcase to harmonize everything and have more storage if space allows.

College bed and Desk

Arrange a lounge area under a loft bed:

You can set up a sitting area under a loft bed. This will allow you to enjoy a relaxation area to rest or receive friends. To set up your living room area, simply place your sofa under the bed and the television facing the other side of the wall. 

Here, the sofa doesn’t have to be in the same style as the bed. It is only necessary to take care that its dimensions do not exceed the furniture. Consider putting a rug and a small coffee table to link the two elements and accentuate the friendly side of the room. Don’t forget to finish it off with some thoughtful decorative accessories.

Arrange a dressing room under a loft bed:

Arranging a dressing room under a loft bed is a clever idea. You just need to install dresser or closet under the loft bed to store clothes on hangers or in-drawer cubes. Opt for storage in discreet, neutral colors such as white, beige, or light gray to avoid suffocating and darkening the room. Also, consider installing some lighting under the mezzanine top to illuminate the dressing room.

The loft bed has considerable advantages, even for a couple or for students. Its installation allows you to save space to create an additional loft-style living space. Models of all types, styles, sizes, and colors are available. Choose yours according to your taste, your needs, and your room. Also, don’t forget to check your ceiling height before purchasing your loft bed.

college dressers

What are the advantages of loft beds?

You have the option of arranging any living space below the bed: desk, lounge area, library, TV area, small walk-in closet, etc. Some beds even have storage elements built-in, such as shelves, drawers, etc.

A loft bed is an excellent way to separate the sleeping area from the day area in a cramped room. The top will be reserved for the sleeping area, while the bottom will allow you to arrange the room the way you want to receive relatives, work, etc. This will also allow you to enjoy a beautiful modern, original and trendy interior design.

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