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Light Espresso Tent Loft Bed with Slide


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Light Espresso Tent Loft Bed with Slide


This kids bed with slide and tent will transform your child’s bedroom by adding whimsy and imagination to the space, while also providing you with the functionality of a full loft bed design.

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Efficient, durable, and fun, these kids beds with slide and tent are the perfect way to create a child’s bedroom that is exciting and interactive, while also having the functionality to easily organize toys and other possessions. Featuring a raised surface loft bed design, these pieces allow you to use the space beneath for storage, extra furnishings, or as a secret play place where your kids can hide and craft the dreams that will lead them to their future.

The hanging tent of these beds is great because it is like a blank surface which your kids can color with their imaginations. Maybe the bed is a castle with towering ramparts, a secret spy base, a submarine, a space ship, or anything they can think of. Then they can climb to the top of the bed and steer their destiny, or sneak below for covert operations. It’s essentially like giving them a giant interactive toy that they can play with in a million different ways. It’s so much fun that many parents give these kids beds with slide and tent to their children as birthday or holiday gifts.

The slide is also a great feature because it allows them to swoop into the day, leaping from slumber into an immediate, exhilarating adventure which will make it much more fun for them to wake at dawn and ready themselves for school and other activities. It’s also a safe way to descend from the loft bed height, as it doesn’t require the groggy trek down each standing step to make it to the ground.

In addition to the fun features that these kids beds with slide and tent provide, they are also highly functional. Acting as a freestanding play set / sleeping surface, they eliminate the need for other large toy structures such as expansive doll houses or indoor jungle gyms. At the same time they are also built to be extremely safe, with solid wood materials, metal on metal connectors, rounded edges, and a kid friendly lacquer finish that is both attractive, and resistant to dents, scratches, and scars.

These kids beds with slide and tent are great for children’s bedrooms, however they are also a welcome addition to play rooms, and even dens, as they can be as much a giant toy as a sleeping surface. That means that your kids can have fun by day, and then at night it’s an extra loft bed for their friends or young relatives to crash in. That allows you to get maximum efficiency out of a whimsical product that will delight everyone in the family.

The kids loft bed with slide and tent comes completely mattress ready with a slat kit mattress support system.

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