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Children’s Bedroom Furniture for Small Rooms

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Small children’s bedrooms can be a challenge to decorate. Everyone wants a bright and uncluttered space but small rooms provide an extra challenge. Fear not, this children’s bedroom furniture for small rooms guide will give you some ideas on some good furniture choices for rooms on the smaller side.

Keep the furniture small for as long as you can

When you have a small child, their furniture is often small too. There’s no need to rush to replace their small furniture if it’s still fit for purpose. Depending on your individual child, they might be able to keep their toddler bed until they’re around 4 or 5. The same applies to chests of drawers and wardrobes. Keeping this small for as long as possible will save room for toys – which typically become fewer and less bulky as your child grows.

Ensure your child can access everything

Just because you’re looking for children’s bedroom furniture for small rooms, doesn’t mean you don’t need a lot of storage. Even in small rooms, children will accumulate lots of things. Younger children, especially, have toys that are generally larger and so you need to be savvy with your storage. Encourage your child to be tidy by making their storage within reach and easily accessible.

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Store big toys and games under their bed

Under-bed storage, whether built-in or not, is an asset. It means that toys can be out of sight as well as being easily accessible to young children. If you want a streamlined look, buy a bed that has built-in storage or matching wheeled trundles on wheels. If you’re on a budget, some brightly colored plastic crates will suffice. You can always put homemade labels on them too.

Consider investing in a wooden toy chest

Wooden toy chests are so useful and have been around for years! You can even make them multifunctional by the top as a seat or a bedside table. A practical idea would be to use this for storage for things that you don’t need every day like blankets, thick jumpers, and fresh sheets.

Invest in a raised bed with a pull-out desk

When you’re limited on space, it can be really difficult to squeeze a desk into your child’s room. That’s why loft beds make great children’s bedroom furniture for small rooms. A mid-sleeper or cabin bed with a pull-out desk is ideal as it can be neatly tidied away when not in use. These often have side storage too. Another idea is to have a fixed pull-down table to save space.

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Have more space with a high loft bed

In a small children’s room, you want to maximize floor space. You can keep the bed’s footprint small by using a high loft bed. The space underneath will make an ideal reading nook, den, play area or storage space. For older children, a desk here would be great.

Choose the right bed

The bed is often a room’s focal point. Bunk beds are a great space-saver for a small room that is shared by two children. It’s also worth thinking about choosing beds that are children’s size rather than adult-size. There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to bed size and you can choose shorter or narrower beds. Of course, you’ll need to consider what happens when your children outgrow the smaller size beds.

Make furniture multi-functional

Having your child’s desk double up as a bedside table, for example, is a great way of minimizing furniture in a smaller bedroom. Crowding a room with too much furniture or too many things will make it feel claustrophobic. You should prioritize the furniture that your child really needs. For example, do they really need a full-length wardrobe? Probably not!

Children’s bedroom furniture for small rooms – we’ve got it covered

We hope you’ve found this guide to children’s bedroom furniture for small rooms useful. There are lots of options to browse at Kids Furniture Solutions when you’ve decided what you need!

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