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Clever Kids Bedroom Storage Options for All Budgets

There are plenty of clever kids bedroom storage options out there – from standalone furniture to repurposing existing items in your home, to beds with storage incorporated. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the items we think deserve to be on a clever kid’s bedroom storage options list.

Stackable crates

Whether you use old boxes or crates or purposely buy some, these make excellent storage options for kids. You can create something truly unique by stacking them on their sides and attaching them to the wall. A lick of paint and a few screws and you’re good to go. This clever kids bedroom storage option looks cute with open cubbies and also with an eclectic mix of different boxes and crates.

Coat hooks – and not just for coats!

Hooks are so useful! Anything from blankets, hats, shoes, soft toys and bags can be kept neat and tidy with a few hooks on the wall. Coat hooks are a really clever kids bedroom storage option because they’re so versatile and they are really affordable too. For people on a budget, coat hooks are great!

Bedroom storage options

Storage Benches

A built-in storage bench is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. As well as hiding away shoes, toys, or blankets, a storage bench can be a great little seating area. Combine this with a nice cushion and a bookshelf and you’ve got yourself a cute little reading area that doubles up as storage!

Secure shelving

Empty wall space is gone with secure shelving. Not only do shelves break up a boring wall, but they can also be a clever kids bedroom storage option. You could go with deeper shelves that can stack storage boxes or just a few decorative shelves for your child’s favorite items.

Using space under beds

If your child’s bed has space underneath it, there are ways you can organize this so that it’s a great storage solution. There are boxes and bags designed exactly for this purpose – and many are on wheels too. This is a great idea for small spaces or for people who are on a budget.

Use space under a bunk bed

If you have a bottom bunk that is no longer used because a child has moved out or gone to college, you can make it into storage. Some bunk beds can actually be converted specifically for this purpose. If yours can’t, there are still some great ways you can use the space for storage when you no longer need the bed.

Make a dedicated reading area

Fed up of books not having a place? A dedicated reading nook is fantastic. This clever kids bedroom storage option means your kids will love poring through their favorite books in their cozy reading space. Reading areas and book bins are versatile and can be modified as your children get older.

Get smart furniture

There are many clever kids’ bedroom storage options out there that provide just the solution you need. Bunks with drawers built in, loft beds with cupboards below, there are so many options!

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