Care and Maintenance of Kids Bunk Beds

Maintenance of Kids Furniture

A bunk bed can be a significant investment, but it is one that can pay off long term, if it is properly cared for and maintained. This will involve a few basic steps, however the effect can be a much more versatile item, that is also safer, and more effective at its intended purpose.

White Bunk BedsBefore purchasing a kids bunk bed you need to find a vendor that offers high quality products. These are items that elevate your children into the air so you want them to be strong, sturdy, and reliable. At KFS Stores our bunk and loft beds are so well made that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety, making them some of the most reliable options on the market.

It’s also important to instill a sense of respect in your children for their own possessions. Try to help them understand that this is their bed, and so they want to keep it as nice as possible. That will encourage good habits and will make it easier to maintain the piece over time.

If you can make the bunk bed a little more fun that might help your kids to see it as a toy rather than a piece of furniture. Encourage them to build forts by draping blankets and arranging pillows. “Walls” can also be formed using construction paper or cardboard that is colored to achieve whatever effect you like.

Bunk Beds

Bedroom Bunk Bed Furniture Sets

Bunk beds should only be cleaned using appropriate products. With wooden bunk beds this will generally either be a polish, or possibly a damp, clean cloth with warm water. Be careful not to inundate any material with liquid as it will generally have a derogatory effect, and make sure that you follow all included manufacturer’s instructions.

One of the advantages of wooden bunk beds is that they can be periodically refinished. That includes stripping down the outer layer of color which also has the effect of removing any defects in the wood.The piece can then be lacquered with a fresh coat, making it look like new. Alternatively some people enjoy the aged look of hardwood materials and opt to forgo refinishing treatments.

Is Your Kids Bedroom Safe? 5 Ways to Make it Better

Bunk Beds

Safety is a parent’s number one concern, and anything you can do to make your kids bedroom safer is an important precautionary step to take. However it doesn’t always take a major renovation, and often there are simple things that you can do to help ensure that your children are protected whenever they are home.

Safe / Quality Bed

When purchasing a child’s bed it is important that you choose a piece that will be strong, sturdy, and able to last through even rambunctious play over the years. Make sure that you match the size of the bed to the age of the child, with toddlers getting special consideration and older teens getting more room to stretch. If you are purchasing a bunk bed then you should consider one of KFS Stores excellent products which are actually rated to exceed the ASTM’s standards.

Bunk Safety

Keep It In Reach

This is especially important for smaller kids. If they feel like they have to climb on things or erect elaborate piles of toys and furnishings to get at the things they want then you have a problem. Try installing lower shelving that will make books and other items more accessible. Bins can also be used and stored under the bed for easy access.

Hide The Wires

Electrical wires are dangerous for a number of different reasons and need to be carefully controlled in a child’s bedroom. Try to reduce the number of electronic devices that are used in these spaces, and instead encourage games and television screens to be enjoyed in public places like the living room. What wires remain can then be ushed behiden furniture legs, hidden under rugs, and coordinated so as not to be a tripping hazard.

Secure the Furniture

Look at everything in your child’s bedroom with a critical eye and evaluate whether it might possibly get knocked over. Kids like to climb on furniture, and often won’t have the foresight to avoid pulling it down on them. Any furniture pieces that are even slightly unsteady should be removed or attached securely to the floor.

Guard the Stairs

If your kids bedroom is on the top floor then you will probably want to have a gate in place to stop them from accidentally falling. Make sure this is an appropriate height so they can’t climb over it, and encourage them to be respectful of the danger of stairs, and not to run in any hallways even if the stairs are gated.

College Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great choice for college students rooms. They allow for maximum possible usage of the space available, which can be important in small apartments and dorm rooms. They also have the ability to give each of the occupants a separate space, divided by vertical inclination. While this may be a virtual division, any sense of privacy can be important to late teens and early adults as they embark on the first steps towards their adult futures.

Loft Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full over Full Bunk Bed

Colleges and Universities often purchase bunk beds in bulk in order to furnish the many dorm rooms that they host on campus. This requires products that have a timeless quality, so that they do not pigeonhole the occupant into a single style, while also having a durability that will allow them to survive through years of active use.

At KFS Stores our college bunk beds are manufactured to be strong and durable, with real solid wood materials used, and metal on metal connectors employed to ensure that these pieces exceed the ASTM’s standards for product safety. These products are available in a number of wood lacquer colors, as well as different configurations, and many can be de-stacked to create two different sleeping areas. We are also happy to offer wholesale bunk bed prices to institutions that need to order in bulk.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Merlot Convertible Bunk Bed

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Merlot Convertible Bunk Bed

Our bunk beds are great for loft apartments, and small rental spaces that college students may need to share with others in order to cover monthly costs. Another option is to purchase a loft bed that features a raised sleeping surface with no second mattress underneath. These allow for a desk, a dresser, and or other furniture pieces to be placed below so that you can extend the functionality of the entire area.

One of the best features of our college bunk beds and loft beds is that they have an efficiency of design that is second to none. Most pieces come equipped with drawers that pull out from under the frame, or in the staircase structure. Others have optional slide out trundles, and shelving units built into the headboard.

If you are looking for the perfect all in one solution for a dorm, loft, or college apartment, then check out the wide selection of bunk beds and loft beds that are available at KFS Stores. Our products are strong, durable, stylish, and efficient, making them the perfect solution to all of your furniture needs.

Bunk Beds: Deciding Who Gets The Top Bunk

Bunk Beds

When you purchase bunk beds for a kids room you will inevitably have to answer one question: who gets which bunk? There are advantages to both the top and the bottom, and it is important to emphasize those in order to make both of them seem like great options, and thus avert a fight that could spark resentment as long as they share the room.

Decide on Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full over Full Bunk Beds

The good news is that bunk beds can be a way to make the problems inherent with sharing a space easier. The most obvious way is through the functionality that they can provide. By reducing the room taken up with sleeping surfaces by half you can free up whole new areas where your kids can play or craft. Many bunk beds also come with storage features built directly into them, giving you plenty of drawers and shelves to store toys and games without having to add excess furniture pieces.

There’s another reason that bunk beds are great for kids who are sharing a room. It actually gives each of them their own distinct area, separated vertically in space. It’s almost like having a whole second room, one that is visually and even physically separated from the rest of the environment. However that can make the top bunk seem better, which can lead to the debate over who will get that spot.

Bunk Beds For Kids In these scenarios it is important to extol the virtues of the bottom bunk as well. This sleeping area is also isolated vertically in space, while still having ready access to the rest of the room. It can also easily be covered over with blankets hung from the top, to create a secret cove, cave, castle, or hideaway.

Often the younger child will get the top bunk because they will weigh less and thus put less strain on the structure of the piece. This can in many cases be accommodated by having a larger full sized mattress area below, and a smaller twin size above. This will meet the needs of their growing bodies, while also freeing up visual space and making the area seem more open.

Ultimately the question of who gets the top bunk will be decided based on the individual personalities of your kids. Just make sure that you resolve it in the most equitable and agreeable way possible, as they may be sharing that space for years, and you want to make sure that they are both happy with the arrangement.

Bunk Bed Decorating Ideas

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is a highly functional piece of children’s bedroom furniture that can help to increase the efficiency a space by letting multiple siblings easily share a room, without taking up too much of the floor. However there are also a number of bunk bed decorating ideas that can be employed to elevate the look and style of these pieces, making them distinct features that your kids will love.

Bed Decorating Ideas

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Mission Bunk Beds

The easiest way to employ bed decor with a bunk is to purchase specific pillow and sheet sets that will accomplish your decorative goals. Sometimes you’ll have two kids who are very different, and getting them bedding with separate colors and characters can help them to develop their unique identities, without feeling like they are being blended with their brother or sister. You can also use bedding linens to match a particular style, or even a theme that is being employed in the space.

Another way to decorate with bunk beds is to use the frame as a kind of canvas, against which a variety of elements can be posted. Stickers are an easy way for kids to personalize their beds, although you’ll have to be careful as they can be permanent and not always ever green features of your growing children’s furniture. You can also drape a blanket or sheet from top to bottom, painted or embroidered with bright patterns and colors.

Dollhouse Bunk Beds
Some bunk beds are intrinsically decorative items, such as the Doll House Loft Beds offered at KFS Stores. These whimsical pieces of children’s decor are painted with bright, fanciful colors, making them look like giant living toys. That can then be reinforced with a theme of toys, dolls, and figurines, in the form of posters and art pieces throughout the environment.

If you want to think long term strategy with your bunk bed decorating then purchase a product which can be de-stacked at a later date. Many loft and bunk beds are built as two separate structures, that can be unlatched and placed on the ground at a later date. This may be useful when children get too big for a top sleeping station, or even as just a way to periodically change up the way the room looks and feels.

Bunk Bed Safety Tips

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed can be a great way to save space in a crowded room, build a bond between disparate siblings, and even add a sense of fun and whimsy to a child’s play area. However you have to make sure that you choose a product that is safe, solid, and able to handle the rigors of rambunctious play. At the same time, there are a number of simple precautions that you can take to help reinforce the security of these sleeping surfaces.

Safety Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Staircase Bunk Beds

When buying a bunk bed, quality matters. You want to make sure that you purchase from a trusted retailer with experience, and a good reputation. At KFS Stores all of our bunks are built using solid wood materials, connected with real metal on metal joints to ensure that the entire piece is solid, strong, and able to hold up against both age and play. In fact our beds actually exceed the ASTM’s regulations for these products.

KFS bunk beds also have a number of more subtle safety features built into their design. For instance, all of the corners have been rounded, which can help to prevent bumps and bruises when kids inadvertently go crashing into everything. All of the drawers are equipped with stoppers so that they will not fall out from above and cause head injuries. Many of our bunk beds also have staircase designs to make it easy to get up and down from the top each night.

One thing you can do to inherently increase bunk bed safety is to position them in a corner of the room, so that two sides are blocked off by walls. This helps to reinforce the structure of the piece against long term wobbling or shifting. It also provides a solid defense on at least two sides, against the child potentially falling from the top. While that is generally not an issue with well constructed products it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Safe Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full over Full Bunk Bed

It is a good idea to teach your children to show respect for their bunk beds. Try and institute a no jumping policy, to prevent undue stress from assailing the structure of the piece. You should also check the bed periodically to ensure that all bolts and screws are tight, secure, and holding steady. In this way you can ensure the integrity of the bed over time, and make small adjustments as necessary.

Bunk beds are awesome. They can give kids their own vertical space in a room, with one laying claim to a towering height while the other sits secure in a fortress below. However there are a few basic safety precautions that need to be taken. Luckily these are mostly simple, common sense measures that any parent can do in just a few minutes here and there over the years.

Study Loft Bed

Study Loft Beds

Study Loft BedIf you are looking for a bedroom furniture piece for your young student that is versatile, dynamic, and functional then you should consider one of KFS Store’s incredibly designed study loft beds. These are pieces that are built using 3D thinking, which elevates a sleeping surface into empty air to create room beneath for another bed, desk, storage, or play area. That optimizes the space you have, allowing you to fit every feature your child needs into the environment.

Our basic study loft beds are built with two sleeping surfaces, one above and one below. This allows siblings to share a room without taking up all of the floor space. It also gives each kid their own separate area, divided by height and dimension, in which they can build their own identity and contemplate the world as they grow and develop. Bunk beds can even be fun features, with imagination turning the top into a tower and the bottom into a hidden cave.

We also have pieces that feature only a single sleeping surface, elevated into the air. This leaves the space below free for any use you desire. With a study loft bed setup you usually will want to have some sort of a desk in place, with a chair, where your child can sit and do work, art, crafts, and play. The desk itself can also be a living toy, which turns into a secret space with no more than a blanket slipped over its sides.

Lofts If you’re looking to outfit a whole students room with the functional furniture he or she will need to succeed in school then look no further! KFS Stores has a great selection of dressers, desks, mirrors, chests, and storage devices, all built in matching solid wood stained colors to create a seamlessly integrated look. You can even get many of these items in discounted bundles for greater savings.

In addition to our no-nonsense functional study pieces, we also have whimsical loft beds that are designed to inspire the imagination to rise to new and ever greater heights. Of these, our most popular are probably the Dollhouse Bunk Beds, which are made from quality solid wood materials, which are painted to take on the look of a giant, life sized toy. There is no better way to invigorate your child’s creativity than to give them a huge prop that they can live and play with.

Boys Bunk Beds With Steps

Bunk Beds For Boys

There are a lot of advantage to boys bunk beds with steps built into the design. The most obvious is the fact that they can save a lot of space in a cramped kids bedroom. By taking an entire sleeping surface off of the floor and elevating it into the air, you can dramatically increase the amount of room your children have to play.

If you shop for a boys bunk bed at KFS Stores, one thing that you will notice is that many of our products have clever organizational features that are built right into the frame and structure of the pieces. This includes handy storage drawers that are embedded in the base of beds, as well as under step cubbies and integrated shelves. That allows you to save even more space by cutting down on extra furniture pieces that might otherwise be required.

Staircase Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Espresso Staircase Bunk Beds

Another advantage of bunk beds is that they allow two boys sharing a single room, to each have their own separate space vertically. The child that gets the bottom bunk will have a structure around them that they can wall off with pillows, blankets, construction paper and or toys. Meanwhile the kid above gets an eagle’s eye view of everything, making the sky their personal domain.

Metal Bunk Beds

Donco Silver Metal Bunk Beds with Desk and Stairs

The particular advantage of buying boys bunk beds with steps is that they provide the maximum amount of safety for your children. A staircase is much easier to traverse than the rungs of a ladder, which can be particularly important for younger children who will be sleeping in the top bunk. In addition, all of the bunks that we offer at KFS Stores are rated to exceed the ASTM’s standards for construction and durability.

One alternative to bunk beds with steps are bunk beds with slides. These are fun pieces that make it an adventure for your boys to hop out of bed each day. Designed with a clever angled shoot that runs from the top bunk to the floor, your children can literally slide into action as they leave dreams behind and prepare for school and play.

There are a lot of reasons why bunk beds might be the right choice for your child’s bedroom. They are room efficient and they allow for personalized spaces. With KFS products you can also enjoy the benefit of added safety and durability, clever storage compartment design, and a range of options that will match any style, function, or environment you are trying to create.

Take a look at our full catalog of quality bunk beds and kids bedroom accessories!

Safe Twin Bunk Beds

Safe Bunk Beds For Kids

When it comes to your kids, safety is the top priority. You want to ensure that all of their furniture, and especially their beds, are built to be sturdy, reliable, and able to handle even the most rigorous play, while also taking measures to help keep them from hurting themselves. That is why you should check out KFS Stores great selection of childrens bunk beds, all of which are designed to be some of the safest furniture pieces on the market.

Bunk Beds For Kids

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Espresso Bunk Beds

The first thing that you should note is that our twin bunk beds are built using real, solid wood materials. These are natural elements, cut directly from trees and then pieced together perfectly for a meticulous design that is sturdy, safe, and stable. All components are also bonded together using metal on metal connectors to ensure that there is a firm hold that will not give way under the pressures of play.

We also have a number of other features built directly into our twin bunk beds which help to make them safe for children’s use. All corners have been rounded, so that there are not sharp, dangerous edges to worry about. The drawers in our storage pieces also operate on smooth, European gliders, with a stopper system that prevents them from falling out accidentally and knocking an unsuspecting noggin.

Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Mission Bunk Beds

All of our products are designed, and manufactured with an attention to quality and care that is unsurpassed. In fact the full and twin bunk beds that are available in our store are so safe, that they exceed the ASTM’s requirements for children’s furniture. That means that they will be able to handle the rambunctious energy of youth, while still cradling your children in a strong and steady protection that you can trust.

We also offer a number of great twin bunk beds with stairs. These are pieces that are even safer, because they allow your kids to ascend and descend from the top mattress using nice, broad, open steps, rather than a ladder. We even have novelty loft beds that are designed to look like a tent, and have a slide built in for a gentle, yet fun way to start each day.

Safe Bunk Beds For Boys

Safe Bunk Beds

One of the things that we specialize at here at KFS Stores is providing the safest bunk beds for boys and girls that can be found anywhere on the market. All of the children’s furniture that we offer is crafted to the highest standards of quality, using top rated materials such as solid wood, with real metal on metal connectors. This results in a catalog of products that you can trust to protect your little ones while lasting through years of heavy use.

Safe Bunk Beds For BoysIf you’re looking for the combination of unmatched safety, and stylish quality in a boys bunk bed then you need to check out the Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Espresso Mission Bunk Bed. This features an expansive full sized mattress space on the bottom, with a twin on top that will nestle the smaller child with care and comfort. It also comes with optional under frame storage drawers or a pull out trundle.

It’s important to note that our bunk beds for boys are made of such high quality, and with such care, that they actually exceed ASTM standards for children’s furniture safety. With that kind of assurance you know that the structure, strength, and durability of our products gives them the ability to withstand even the most rambunctious play, for years at a time.

Bunk Beds For Boys

Discovery World Furniture Twin All In One Espresso Loft Bed

This fun little furniture piece is the perfect compliment to a young student’s room. The bunk bed features a raised sleeping surface design, which is then fitted with an under frame desk that allows for work, creative play and crafts to be conducted all in one compact area. As with all of our products these Discovery World Furniture twin all in one espresso loft beds are built using solid wood, with metal connectors and a protective lacquer finish that prevents scratches and physical damage.

We also have a line of Donco silver metal bunk beds for boys, that are similar in function, but with a sleek, shimmering look that makes them stand out in any child’s bedroom. The desk below has room for both work and storage, and there are even oversized steps which give you further options for books, games, and bundles. These are also high quality, safe bunk beds, that are perfect for bedrooms, guest rooms, offices, and more.

Bunk Beds For Kids

Donco Silver Metal Bunk Beds with Desk and Stairs