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Ideas for Bunk Beds with Pull Out Trundles

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When considering bed options for a kid’s room with limited space, a lot of families end up going for bunk beds with pull out trundles. When you think about it, this amazing piece of furniture makes perfect sense. Not only does it maximize the floor area of the bedroom but it also comes in a variety of sizes, styles and designs that would make any bedroom look really nice!

Practical Uses for Bunk Beds with Pull Out Trundles

Aside from making the most of a small space, there are many practical ways that you can use a bunk bed with an accompanying pull out trundle.


Bunk beds with pull out trundles are most popularly used by several siblings that share a room. With the top bunk, the bottom bunk, and the trundle pull-out, there’s already room for at least 3 children. A wider bottom bunk, like the one on this Discovery World twin over full bunk bed, can even accommodate 2 children, for a total of 4 kids sharing the room. It might be quite chaotic at times but this definitely makes room-sharing a lot more fun.

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Fun and Comfortable Sleepovers

What child doesn’t like to have friends over for a sleepover every once in a while, right? With this kind of bed, all you have to do is pull out the trundle and there will be a lot more space for everyone to get comfortable for the night. On other nights when they are just on their own, your kid can keep the trundle rolled under their bed and out of sight.

Extra Storage

Let’s say an older sibling outgrows the bunk bed and moves to their own separate room. With fewer occupants, the trundle pull out might no longer be needed for sleeping. In this case, you can simply take out the mattress and use the space for storage. A trundle is quite spacious and you might be surprised at how much stuff you can put inside it. It’s also a convenient storage area for large items like thick bed covers or extra pillows.


Some families have massive family beds where everyone sleeps all together. This is common for families with very young children who do not want to stay in a separate room just yet. If this kind of sleeping arrangement works for your family, then a bunk bed with a pull out trundle would be a great furniture solution for you.

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Increased Guestroom Capacity

Most guestrooms today just have a single bed or a daybed, which is perfectly fine if you just have one visitor staying over. You can always lay out an extra mattress on the floor in case of additional guests. But wouldn’t it be better to have them sleep on a real bed instead? This is why one of the best ideas for bunk beds with pull out trundles is to use them in guestrooms. This will give your visitors a more comfortable stay, and be an excellent reflection of your capacity as a host.

Choosing the Right Bunk Beds with Trundles

Bunk beds with trundles are among the most in-demand bedroom furniture today not just because of their practicality but also because they come in a variety of very attractive designs. They are also available in different sizes and are suitable for any age or weight.

Here at Kids Furniture Solutions, our bunk beds are made only with the highest quality pine wood and enforced with metal support beams for added durability. We offer customizable configurations so you can get the exact bed that will fit your needs perfectly.

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