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White Bedroom Furniture For Kids

childrends bedroom decor

At KFS Stores we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. To that end this week we are bringing you a series of white bedroom furniture pieces for kids, that are some of the most elegant, stylish, durable, and functional options on the market. These are great shabby chic, cottage style designed items that are great for childrens, teens, and young adult bedrooms, playrooms, and dorms.

Kids Furniture PiecesFirst off we have a series of two white captain day beds that will look great in your space, while also giving you a ton of options for making the room more versatile. The first has a twin sized mattress, and comes with a three drawer under bed pull out storage unit, as well as a trundle which can instantly give you a whole second sleeping surface. This is backed by a sideboard unit that rises horizontally to give your kids even more room to both keep and display their toys and games.

We also have this same great bed available in a full sized option. That makes it easy to coordinate white bedroom furniture for kids rooms where you have siblings sharing the space. It also helps when your little ones get older, as the full lets you transition seamlessly without having to replace the dressers, drawers, chests, and desks that may already grace the environment.

NightstandsFollowing this line of thinking, we also have several pieces of white bedroom furniture accessories for children’s rooms. The first is this great night stand, which has a subdued, reserved look, while maintaining a stately grace and form, that is belied by its inherent functionality. Perfect for its namesake position by the bed, these are also great stands for living rooms, hallways, or offices where you just need another surface, that can double as an organizational tool with its lower drawer and shelf.

White furnitureRounding out our collection of new white furniture pieces is this stately double drawer dresser, which features six convenient pull out units for easy organization. The top is an expansive spread that allows for the positioning of decorative items, televisions, mirrors, and works of focal art.

The great thing about all of the white furniture pieces in our KFS Stores kids bedroom collection is that they can be easily mixed and matched. Never worry about color palettes again. Instead use these blank slate pieces as the perfect backdrop against which you can work the decorative imaginings of your dreams.

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