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5 Criteria For The Best Children’s Furniture

Beds for kids

A child’s bedroom is the space that they will inhabit, as their own environment, during the critical years when they are developing into the people they will become. That is why it is important to furnish the space with items that will inspire, comfort, protect, and grow with them through the years. The best children’s furniture will balance all of those needs to the specific traits of the child themselves.

Durable Kids Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full over Full Bunk Bed


This is a top priority, as it can increase or decrease the chances of a serious accident occurring, depending on the make and quality of the products you choose. With most furnishings you’ll want to ensure that they have rounded edges, and that any drawers have stoppers to prevent them from sliding out. With bunk beds it is particularly important to get a good manufacturer like Discovery World Furniture, which makes beds that exceed the ASTM’s requirements for structural integrity.


The durability of a piece of children’s furniture will determine how long it will last, and how it will look over the years. Well made products will have a much longer lifespan, and in some cases can even be used through to adulthood and the next generation.


A durable product is good but with kids it also has to be able to match their ever changing styles and trends. Often the best bet will be to purchase wooden furniture pieces, which have a naturally open quality that lets them merge seamlessly into and style or fad.KFS Stores has a great selection of solid wood furniture pieces in various matched shade lacquer finishes.

Captains Day BedsFunctionality

The best children’s furniture will be versatile and able to serve multiple purposes in various spaces. Many captains beds, and bunk beds sold at KFS Stores are designed with storage drawers, shelves, and other organizational units which are embedded directly into the frame of the pieces.


With children it’s important to remember the fun factor. Novelty beds are great because they can double as giant toys. Bunk beds are another fun option. While sharing a room with a sibling may not be ideal, bunk beds at least give each of the kids a separate space of their own.

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