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How To Tell if Wood Furniture is Worth Saving

Wood Furniture

Determining whether wood furniture can be saved, or if it is time to replace it, is a process that should be done with care. Furniture can be expensive, and sometimes the quality of the piece will not be perfectly reflected in its outer look. At the same time, even broken pieces can often be repaired, or at least touched up enough to serve the same or a lesser purpose. You also have to balance in safety when considering weight bearing items such as chairs, shelves, and beds.

If your wooden furniture is looking shabby, but is otherwise sturdy and strong, then you might be able to give it a whole new look by refinishing the piece. This involves sanding down past the finish, which also serves to remove any surface dents, stains, or scratches which might be blemishing your furnishing. Unfortunately deeper gouges and structural problems can’t be repaired this way. The process is also arduous and physically intensive, so you should weigh whether it is worth the effort versus buying something new.

If the piece in question is wobbly, shaky, or otherwise structurally unsound, there may be ways to repair it. Joints can be strengthened using wood glue, and screws can be tightened if they are not stripped. Nailing the legs or components of wood furniture can be a little more tricky, and you have to be careful not to do more damage to it than repair.

One thing that can’t be repaired on wooden furniture is rotting components. If the wood itself is compromised, then the affected section will have to be removed and replaced. That is an expert job that is almost the equivalent of building a new piece altogether. Due to the expense this should only be undertaken for antiques, or items of particular sentimental value.

A great trick for sprucing up old furniture quickly and easily is to paint it. A coat of epoxy can do wonders, hiding flaws and blemishes beneath deep, rich, vibrant colors. This is particularly good for repurposing old pieces into children’s bedroom furniture, by simply painting them with a bright neon or pastel hue.

If you can’t repair your old furniture, then you should be sure to replace it with high quality products. The stronger, more durable, and better made the furnishing, the longer it will last. You will find a wide variety of excellent bunk beds, daybeds, captains beds, children’s furnishings, and home accessories here at KFS Stores, all manufactured to be of the highest quality and built to be stable and stylish for years to come.


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