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Using White Beds With Storage Options to Improve a Child’s Room

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White beds are often used in kid’s bedrooms when a more classic style is preferred. This can be the rustic shabby chic, or something a little more upscale, giving a sense of maturity to the area that will in turn affect the child as their personality develops. Often these products will have handy storage features built into them, including drawers, shelves, and nooks for holding and organizing, giving them an inherent functionality that amplifies the useful nature of their presence.

KFS Stores offers a number of high quality painted white beds, that come in a variety of configurations. Some of our most popular products include our white bunk beds for kids, which are available in both twin and full sizes. Built using real MDF composite materials, painted with a striking white bright finish, and secured using real metal on metal connectors, these are some of the most durable, safe, and stylish kids furniture options you can find anywhere.

We also have an excellent collection of white captains beds with storage options that can be used to improve a child’s room. These are clever designs that were originally built for seafaring skippers who were forced to live in cramped cabins for long periods of time. In order to keep their many tools and possessions organized they had beds built with drawers and storage devices crafted right into the bed frame, allowing them to make use of what would otherwise be wasted space.

In a kids room, a white captains bed can be an elegant piece that can bring a sense of luminous energy to the space. This can also help you to tie your child’s bedroom style into the design of the rest of the house, matching the more mature furnishings of your home without removing the whimsy of their play spaces.

Our fine collection of white and solid wood stained bunk beds, captains beds, day beds, and home furnishings are all available at low discounted prices. You can also purchase furniture in bundled sets of matched pieces, allowing you to outfit rooms or even multiple spaces, all with stylistically paired pieces, and all while saving money.

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