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Sturdy Bed Frames With Storage

Bunk Bed With Desk

The design and quality of a child’s bed is important. This is a piece of furniture that will be cradling them when they sleep, so it has to be safe and reliable. That is also important for ensuring that the bed is able to last through years of use, even by rambunctious kids, allowing it to be reused by subsequent generations, friends, and family members when the need arises. Functionality is another concern, making options with storage features particularly practical.

Having a sturdy product is very important when purchasing loft and bunk beds, as safety is paramount when choosing elevated sleeping surfaces for your kids. Luckily KFS Stores only sells high quality furnishings that are so strong, safe, and reliable that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards. This is accomplished with real wood materials, metal on metal connectors, rounded edges, and preventative drawer stops.

Another great thing about the bunk beds that we offer at KFS Stores is that they are designed with a number of handy storage features built directly into the bed frame. These pieces are generally large, and often the bulk of the structure contains areas that go unused, such as the space behind steps, or underneath the bottom bed. However our Discovery World Furniture bunk beds have drawers and shelves built in making use of those areas.

Our sturdy bed frames with storage are available in a number of different configurations including both twin and full sizes, as well as bunk beds, captains beds, daybeds, and convertible sofas. In addition you can choose from honey, merlot, cappuccino, and painted white finishes, and can even purchase them in bundled sets with other matched furnishings such as dressers, desks, and mirrors.

When purchasing bed frames from KFS Stores you will have the option to add a number of additional upgrades and items to your order. This will often include one, two, or three mattresses depending on the spaces available, as well as extra strong support beams, and under bed drawer and trundle configurations.

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