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Science Themed Bedrooms

green kids bedding

Getting your kids interested in science at an early age is important for helping them develop a healthy appreciation for learning and observation. One fun way that you can do this is by implementing a science themed bedroom design that will immerse them in knowledge and discovery every single day. This can be a simple undertaking, or a long term project, depending on how advanced you want to get.

With science you have a number of different areas that you can concentrate on, from space exploration, to marine biology, to famous doctors and pioneers of discovery. If possible, try to get a feel for which area will most engage the child. This can be done by giving them books or toys based on different areas of interest, and then observing what they tend to be most drawn towards.

Depending on the particulars of the theme, you will then be able to replicate exciting environments in the bedroom, using toys, posters, and other decorative knick knacks which can be made or purchased. It’s often a good idea to engage the child in this process, enlisting their help with the procurement or construction of any props that will be placed throughout the space.

If one of the biological sciences is your decorative theme, then you can make use of toys and displays to simulate exotic environments, such as the jungle, the mountains, or even the bottom of the oceans. Stuffed toys mixed with animal action figures will give a 3d feel to the space, while wall paintings, stick ons, and decals can create the backdrop.

The bed will generally be the centerpiece of a kids bedroom, taking up more visual space than any other piece. Use this to the theme’s advantage by purchasing matched bedding that coordinates with the rest of the environment. An alternative is to think of this furniture piece as a vehicle of exploration by dressing it up as a spaceship, a submarine, or an aircraft traveling to exotic destinations.

Construction paper can be a great assistant in your efforts. Create a forest by coating dressers and desks in green sheets, or tape jagged triangles of gray and brown to the walls to create towering mountain peaks. You can even roll larger pieces into tubes and create makeshift plants and trees. And of course everything can be drawn on without worrying about lasting damage.

Throughout the process include factual information alongside the decorative and fun elements. If creating a glow in the dark star display, make tiny replicas of actual astrological bodies, and have a poster nearby showing the actual images. With plants and animals include little info sheets as if their room were a museum. As long as you find the right balance of learning and entertainment you will be able to create a great science themed bedroom for your kids.

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