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5 Clever Ways to use Captains Beds

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Captains beds are excellent furniture items because they are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. This functional nature allows them to extend beyond their first purpose, so that they can be used and reused multiple times over the course of their effective life. The only limit to this process is your own creativity in the repurposing of these dynamic home furnishings.

Captain BedOften captain’s beds are employed in children’s bedroom settings because they are particularly suited to small spaces. The drawers, shelves, and organizational units that are built directly into the frame can all eliminate the need for additional storage items, freeing up a larger area for play. These beds also have a storied history, being originally conceived by ship’s captains living in cramped quarters, and that can add an extra layer of fun and whimsy to their presence.

Another great use for captains beds is in a guest bedroom. The fact that they have built in storage means that you do not have to purchase as many additional dressers and chests, reducing the cost of setting up the area. At KFS Stores you can also find captain bed furniture bundles, which include several matched furnishings, allowing you to completely outfit a room while saving money.

Kids Bunk BedsAnother use for a captains bed isn’t as a bed at all, but as a couch. These pieces tend to have smaller frames, and will often include a backboard that runs along the long edge of the piece. Simply moving a few pillows around can let you switch the cushioned mattress into a plush seating area that can be enjoyed in offices, dens, and even living rooms.

Even after you are done using a captain’s bed for its named purpose, you can still repurpose these pieces by turning them into storage units. Since the frame has drawers built into it, these are essentially low dressers, that will have a hard top once the mattress is removed. These can be placed inside of storage rooms or large closets. You can also leave them freestanding and stack shelves or drawers on top of them to create your own custom organizational item.

Of course, all of the ideas mentioned above are interchangeable, both throughout the life of the bed and on a daily basis. A den can quickly turn into a guest bedroom by moving the pillows and adding some sheets and covers. You can also use them as storage in a home office, which can quickly be converted into a sitting or sleeping surface as the need arises.

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