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Planning for Success With Kids Bedrooms

Bunk Bed With Desk

A bedroom is an important environment for anyone, and the look and feel of these spaces can have a subtle but profound effect on the way that the people who inhabit them behave. This is particularly true of children, who are far more impressionable, and therefore open to the silent cues that exist within the space. That is why it is important to use strategic thinking when designing a kids bedroom for optimal success.

Kids Bedroom Desks

Discovery World Furniture Honey Desk with Hutch

A desk is an essential item in any success focused child’s bedroom. This is the space where they can sit and do homework, arts and crafts, read, or engage in other projects to stimulate thought and creativity. Beyond that, the existence of one of these furniture pieces in the room is a signal that hard work and education is important, and it is one that they will see every single day.

If you have space, then carving a whole section of the bedroom out into a specialized work area is a great way to emphasize those values. This will give them the freedom to spread out with books, papers, notes, or projects. At the same time, it can be a great way to inspire them towards scholarly or artistic pursuits, as having the room to do something often makes you want to actually do it.

Shelves are particularly good furniture items to use in kid’s bedrooms. The utilitarian nature of these pieces is obvious, however they also have a hidden benefit. By placing books on the shelves, you are essentially decorating the room with knowledge and literature. This effect can be expanded to cover all of the walls, and in larger spaces, you can even create a dividing line using free standing tomes.

Captains BedsHaving a lot of storage furnishings in a child’s bedroom is a good way to teach them about the importance of organization. If you give them plenty of room to put their things, they will be more likely to develop tidy habits. Then if clutter does become an issue, items such as dressers, chests, bins, and nightstands can be coated in wrapping paper or colorfully illustrated construction paper to make them more whimsical and fun to interact with.

Using a little forethought when designing a child’s bedroom will allow you to instill the space with cues and symbols which will have a long-term effect on how they develop and see themselves. At the same time, giving them the tools and space to accomplish their goals can inspire them to reach even farther for their dreams.

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