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The Best Way to Clean Wood Furniture

Even the best wood furniture gets dirty sometimes. Luckily there are a number of ways to keep these pieces clean, and even restore them after months or years of neglect. The most important thing is to understand the do’s and don’ts so that you properly clean the furnishing, without causing even more damage in the process.

Cleaning Wood FurnitureThe best method of cleaning is always prevention. These strategies will let you preserve your furniture simply by avoiding things that can cause damage. One thing to be aware of is heat and temperature. Wood tends to be somewhat moist, so you will want to avoid positioning them near vents or radiators, and do not store these products in attics or damp cellars. It is also a good idea to place them such that direct sunlight does not fall on their surface, as it can have a fading effect.

Regular dusting is really the best way to clean wood furniture. This will prevent dirt and other small particles from building up on surfaces over time. It can also help to subtly freshen the look of the wood, by dispersing any oily substances that may have accumulated.

Oil soap is a great way to clean wood furniture that has particularly intransigent blemishes built up on its surface. This should be mixed with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the bottle, and then applied with a sponge, using extra care on problem areas. Afterwards use a clean towel to dry the wood off.

Cleaning Stained Wood Furniture

The best way to clean stained wood furniture is with clean water and a wash cloth. If greater scrubbing and disinfecting properties are desired, regular dish soap can be diluted heavily in a bucket of water, and then applied with a sponge or cloth. However you should test a small dab of the soap on a hard to see portion of the wood first to ensure that there is not an unintended damaging effect to the material. Always dry the surface of the piece with a clean towel when finished.
Cleaning Painted Wood Furniture

Cleaning Painted Wood Furniture

Cleaning Painted The best method for cleaning painted wood furniture will also be to use either plain water, or a solution of water and dish soap, applied with a sponge or clean cloth. With these pieces you want to be particularly careful of leaving behind any moisture, as it can have an adverse effect on the color or integrity of the paint. Dish soap should also be tested before applied in a widespread way to ensure its effect.

Stronger Cleaning Methods

If you need an even stronger cleaning agent then mineral spirits can be employed. As always try this out on the furniture piece before using it on the whole surface. Then it can be applied with a cloth rag, taking extra care to scrub at ground in problem areas. If the furniture is quite old this can be a great way to remove much of the ground in matter that may have slowly adhered to its surface over the years.

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