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Blue Race Car Beds For Children

Race Car Beds For Kids

This week KFS Stores is proud to introduce our new line of blue race car beds for children. These are great bedroom accessories that can double as giant living toys, giving your kids the full fantasy experience of racing down the road at a million miles an hour as they charge towards the goal and ultimate victory! And all of that is bundled with a twin sized bed that they will love.  

Red Race Car BedsThese fun and functional blue race car beds are awesome accessories for a kid’s bedroom setting. If you have a toddler that is ready to move from a crib to a “big kid bed” then this can be a great transition, giving them a whimsical way to undertake what might sometimes be a difficult transition. Rather than making it about giving up the crib, you can focus the experience on this fun new toy that they have, which they also get to sleep in at night.

These are also an excellent option for children that put up a fuss whenever it is time for them to go to sleep, giving them something exciting to dream about as they rest throughout the eve. They aren’t just going to bed, they’re going to the biggest, best toy in their room. From there, they can mesmerize themselves with dreams of races and adventures, that will eventually lull them into restful slumber. And then of course they can leap from sleep each day ready to chase off into the world.

Race Car Beds For Kids These blue race car beds are made from wood composite materials that are strong, durable, and able to withstand the playful energy of kids from day to day. They are painted bright blue in order to give them an almost cartoonish nature, that will fit well into any whimsical child’s decor. At the same time they aren’t overbearing in hue, allowing them to settle even into a more traditional palette.

One of the great things about these race car beds for kids is that even after your child has outgrown them, they can be kept around as well loved toys, played with for years to come. They can even be reused further down the line for siblings that may come with time. And thanks to the quality of construction they will be able to withstand the rigors of rambunctious use and keep on racing for many years to come.

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