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Bunk Bed Decorating Ideas

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is a highly functional piece of children’s bedroom furniture that can help to increase the efficiency a space by letting multiple siblings easily share a room, without taking up too much of the floor. However there are also a number of bunk bed decorating ideas that can be employed to elevate the look and style of these pieces, making them distinct features that your kids will love.

Bed Decorating Ideas

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Mission Bunk Beds

The easiest way to employ bed decor with a bunk is to purchase specific pillow and sheet sets that will accomplish your decorative goals. Sometimes you’ll have two kids who are very different, and getting them bedding with separate colors and characters can help them to develop their unique identities, without feeling like they are being blended with their brother or sister. You can also use bedding linens to match a particular style, or even a theme that is being employed in the space.

Another way to decorate with bunk beds is to use the frame as a kind of canvas, against which a variety of elements can be posted. Stickers are an easy way for kids to personalize their beds, although you’ll have to be careful as they can be permanent and not always ever green features of your growing children’s furniture. You can also drape a blanket or sheet from top to bottom, painted or embroidered with bright patterns and colors.

Dollhouse Bunk Beds
Some bunk beds are intrinsically decorative items, such as the Doll House Loft Beds offered at KFS Stores. These whimsical pieces of children’s decor are painted with bright, fanciful colors, making them look like giant living toys. That can then be reinforced with a theme of toys, dolls, and figurines, in the form of posters and art pieces throughout the environment.

If you want to think long term strategy with your bunk bed decorating then purchase a product which can be de-stacked at a later date. Many loft and bunk beds are built as two separate structures, that can be unlatched and placed on the ground at a later date. This may be useful when children get too big for a top sleeping station, or even as just a way to periodically change up the way the room looks and feels.

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