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Decorating a Teenage Boys Room

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When young boys grow into teenagers, often they will undergo a shift in personality that alters their interests and tastes. This can necessitate the redecoration of their bedroom in order to better reflect the person that they are evolving into. This can be a somewhat touchy task, that can cause clashes of style and choice to arise between a child and parent. That is why the best policy is to actually use the process of decorating a teenage boys room as a bonding experience, where you can grow closer through mutual respect and empathy.

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Often you will not only want to consult with your teenager before making changes to his room, you will actually want to let them take the lead. Ask them questions, delve into their interests, and even pry into their dreams. Generally such a process would be difficult for closed off kids going through puberty, but with a purpose in mind you can mask your curiosity behind a desire to find the right art, design, or statement that will make the environment perfect for them.

Throughout this process, you should keep your eyes set on inherent functionality. While the look of the room can be led by your son, the way it works should be designed by you. That involves strategically placing storage units throughout the space, to make it easier for your teenager to naturally stay organized. You can also anticipate the necessity of things like desks where school work can be done, and adequate lighting so that their eyes don’t get strained.

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When decorating a teenage boys room it is important to balance their immediate interests against the long term goals of the room. They may be in love with a particular band, but permanently painting their logo on the wall can lead to regret when the band breaks up or your child’s interests wane. With “of the moment” subjects such as that, stick to temporary decor pieces like posters which can be bought inexpensively and easily replaced. The idea is to leave enough room for them to grow and evolve as they change over the years.

One thing to consider when buying a bed for a teenager is that they will tend to grow, often quite quickly, sprouting up faster than you can imagine as they mature into their bodies. Therefore it is a good idea to purchase a piece that is slightly larger than needed. Rather than going for a twin, buy a full sized bed so that you don’t have to go out and replace it a few years later. There are also bunk beds that have twin sized tops and full sized bottoms, letting you transition siblings from one to the other as needed.

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