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Toddler Beds For Boys

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When choosing a toddler bed for a boy you have to be aware of the psychology that is involved in a child transitioning from a crib, to a “big kid” bed. A crib is a safe, enclosing space, with walls that rise up, literally cradling and protecting them from the outside world as they sleep each night. With a toddler bed those walls are gone, exposing them to the open dark room all through the night. That’s why it is important to choose a piece that can help make this transition as easy as possible.

Great Toddler BedsOne fun option, that also has a functional component, can be captain beds. These unique children’s furniture pieces are named because they were designed originally for the captains of ships, who had to live in cramped quarters while also keeping all of their personal and professional items stored and organized. By telling your child that his toddler bed is actually a boat sailing across the ocean, you can engage his imagination and make the transition fun rather than frightening.

The great thing about captains beds for boys is that they are built with a variety of drawers which are embedded in the structure of the piece. That makes use of the often wasted space beneath the bed’s frame. It also makes it easy to keep your child’s room organized, because the storage features don’t take up extra room, allowing you to easily sort toys, clothes, games, and art supplies. You can even tell your kids that they are sleeping on a giant toy box!

Toddler Car BedsA toddler bed for boys will generally be a twin sized piece. You want a smaller frame so that they feel snuggly settled into the mattress, without a giant sea of foam floating around them each night. This will also help to maximize the floor space that they have to play in, since children’s rooms are often the smallest bedrooms in the house. In some cases a full sized option can be used if you want to try and give them a bed that they can grow into as they age.

One clever way to make the switch to a toddler bed easy for your kids is to purchase a novelty piece. At KFS Stores you will find beds that are cut and painted to look like exciting race cars, dollhouses, and tented fortresses. By making their sleeping space a giant toy, you can completely eliminate any transition anxiety, replacing it with imaginative adventures and creative stories that can flit through their dreams as they rest through the eve.

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