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Nursery Ideas for Boys

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When you’re expecting a new bundle of joy in your life you want to make sure that everything is perfect. You want to set up an incredible nursery for them, with lots of toys, and visual stimulation to keep their minds active and inspired. In a nursery for boys, you have some common tropes that you can go to, with a classic style being great. You can also shake things up with a more open interpretation of how this space can be decorated.

With the classic approach to a boys nursery you will probably want to feature the color blue. This is a very soothing color in itself, and can have a subtle psychological effect on the child in the room. It tends to create a sense of calm that is very useful for getting kids to sleep at night. You can also get a number of different shades from brighter pastel blues to softer baby and powder blues, or darker navies, depending on the look you want to create, although darker hues can make a room feel a little gloomy so you may want to avoid those.

Less traditional but still common color palettes for boys nurseries often consist of pastels in green or even pink. Reds and yellows should generally be avoided in larger amounts as they can be somewhat volatile and harsh.

There are a number of nursery ideas for boys that can be implemented throughout the rest of the space. Murals on the walls can be fun, and even if they are too young to appreciate them, they can inspire creativity in an infant as they grow. They can also be painted on the ceiling so the child can look up at something fun at night. A mobile is another version of this, as are glow in the dark stars.

The crib can be a standard look and feel piece. Some models allow for the walls to be taken off to transition it to a small child’s bed later on. You can also get funky and paint the crib in any color pattern you want before the child is born. The colors will stimulate their minds further.

Accessorizing an infant’s crib will be a matter of choosing bedding and stuffed companions that will bring the child comfort. The blankets and sheets will ideally match the palette of the rest of the space, but for those items comfort has to be the most important concern.

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