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Children’s Desks for Small Spaces

Kids Desk Bed

A kids desk is an excellent accessory for a child’s bedroom to promote learning, creativity, study, and reading. It is a surface where they can do homework, arts and crafts, or take video classes while in quarantine. It also feels like a piece of professional, almost adult furniture, that will give them a sense of pride in themselves and their work. However, it’s not always easy to fit a whole extra piece of furniture into what can often be a small child’s bedroom.

Luckily there are a number of space saving solutions that can be employed to allow you to have your cake and eat it to. The first of these is to make use of the vertical space in the room with a bunk or loft bed. These are raised sleeping surfaces that allow you to put something else underneath. They come in a variety of models but many are compatible with desks.
bunk beds
Some bunk beds will allow you to remove the bed underneath. This can then be put in another part of the room or in another room altogether. That allows you to easily fit a desk underneath it. You can even buy loft beds that just have the one sleeping surface, making them a perfect way to get a desk into a cramped space.

You can also get a bunk bed with desk combination piece. That is a loft design that already has the desk built in below. That ensures not only that the space made available is used to maximum efficiency, but the structure of the desk can also reinforce the bunk itself, making for an incredibly stable and sturdy sleeping structure.

If you don’t want to use a loft bed to fit a desk in a small child’s room then you can free up some space by getting furniture that is crafted with clever storage options. Captains beds have a variety of drawers that are built into the base, eliminating the need for extra dressers or shelves. That is room you can use to fit a desk.

The good thing about kid’s desks is that they can be a little smaller than a standard, adult sized piece. They don’t have the arm length to need an expansive surface work area, and a smaller piece will just feel more comfortable and cozy to them. The important thing is that it is a piece that makes them feel comfortable and excited to learn and be productive.

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