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Boys Bedroom Sets

Boys can be rambunctious and full of energy. That takes a toll on their bedroom furniture. From jumping on the bed to climbing on a dresser in a game of “don’t touch the floor” they will make the most of everything they own, and at some point, everything in the room will become a toy. That’s why you need furniture that is extremely durable, so that it can stand up to even the worst rigors over time, while also being safe enough that your children won’t get hurt.

Boys bedroom sets are a great way to save time when shopping for these furniture pieces. Once you find a trustworthy store with quality products that you trust, you can fill out an entire kids bedroom with a single purchase. Even better, these bedroom bundles tend to be offered at a discount rate, allowing you to save a significant amount of money over buying individual pieces.

The bed is the most important piece in a bedroom and will be the centerpiece of any bedroom furniture set you purchase. There are a lot of options for kids beds, from bunk beds, to storage beds, to fun race car style pieces, or lofts that are designed to look like forts or castles. These pieces also come in different materials, although you’ll want to stick to those manufactured using a high quality wood, or a sturdy metal frame system.

At KFS stores beds are all designed to be incredibly durable. We use a tongue in groove design with metal on metal connectors to ensure a tight bond between all of the planks on our wooden products. Only the finest natural wood is used, and it is built to the highest levels or strength available, allowing our pieces to be used in a boys bedroom for years to come. See KFS Stores selection of bedroom furniture sets for boys.

The KFS Stores furniture pieces are also extremely safe. On our wooden products the corners are all rounded to prevent painful bumps from careless running, and we only use the safest of stains to enhance and protect the look of the wood. We put stoppers on all drawers that are installed so that they can’t accidentally fall out and hit someone and our bunk beds are also available with extra sturdy top rails.

Our boys bedroom sets come with a variety of matched accessories including chests, dressers, night stands, desks, and bookcases. You can choose your own package or contact us directly to design a combination of your own!

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