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Novelty Kids Beds

Dollhouse Beds

Sometimes a bed can be more than just a bed. It can be a portal to imagination, providing a child with the prepping point for a thousand spectacular adventures played out in their mind and dreams. Novelty kids beds are like giant life sized toys which can add a touch of whimsy to a room, while also making the dreaded hour of bedtime a little less onerous.

Tent Loft BedsKFS Stores offers a number of novelty kids beds that are manufactured with solid MDF materials, and painted to have a vibrant visage of color and amusement making them look like toys. The dollhouse loft bed is a particularly popular item which is designed to look like a home for massive dolls, immersing your child in a world of wonder. At the same time the raised sleeping surface allows for a second mattress or a storage unit to be positioned below.

Our novelty tent loft beds also feature a raised sleeping surface, however the space below is cloaked in canvas, creating a secret clubhouse that can be used for countless adventures by your kids. Available in several different colors to match the style of the room, these furnishings are designed with real metal on metal connectors to ensure that they are durable and safe.

Race Car BedsOur novelty twin race car beds are great transition items that can make the move from crib to “big kid bed” much easier. Painted to look like a zipping speedster which can shoot down a road of dreams at top speeds, these are fun accessories for any child’s bedroom. Your children might even start looking forward to nap time.

One of the great things about novelty beds is that they can be given as gifts for kids birthdays, christmas, holidays, and other special events. They are fun, exciting, whimsical items, which means that kids will love them. At the same time they serve a practical purpose. Novelty loft beds are particularly functional, opening the space up to new and varied uses.

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