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KFS Stores Captain Bed Featured In Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen”

Dear Evan Hansen Bed

The Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Captain Bed, which is offered at KFS Stores, is being featured in the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen a tale of teen angst and sorrow which is being hailed as the next “Hamilton” by critics and audiences alike. The furniture piece, a solid wood, golden lacquer hued bed with ample storage and a natural utility of design, is a pivotal prop in the production making appearances in several key scenes.

This week, Dear Evan Hansen was featured on the Today Show, where the hosts discussed several aspects of the play. During the segment they aired a few snippets of the production, including a pivotal moment in which the two star crossed love interests sing a touching duet in the actual bed.

The choice of this particular captains bed is interesting because the light honey hue of the finish accents the youthful tone of the main characters, while the solid wood grain material adds a hint of maturity and depth that belies the process of development from child to adult. That makes it a profound choice for this particular story which deals with so many of those deep seated issues in such a meaningful way.

One of the main concerns that Prop Masters have to deal with when choosing accessories for live production, is the understanding that these products will be used vigorously over the course of several weeks, months, or even years. Companies often rehearse plays multiple times a day in the time leading up to production, and then the show may air multiple times a night. In Dear Evan Hansen this fact is complicated by the use of adult actors that need to be seen as kids using furnishings designed for smaller people.

The fact that KFS Stores captain beds and kids furniture are manufactured using solid wood with real metal on metal connectors was as much of a factor in this prop choice as the stylish and timeless look of the piece. That quality craftsmanship is especially important in a live production, where mishaps due to product failure can result in embarrassing scenarios that may tarnish the reputation of the show.

The Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Captain Bed from KFS Stores can currently be seen on Broadway, or in a child’s bedroom near you. Check it out along with our wide variety of live production quality captains beds, daybeds, novelty beds, and bunk beds which are so safe that they exceed the ASTM’s standards, and so stylish that they can be used for multiple ages, purposes, and spaces throughout your home, or even in your next big production.

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