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Neat and Efficient Children’s Bedrooms

Organizational Furniture

Children are often quite chaotic and messy, and their bedrooms can reflect this. While constant effort can be employed to tidy up these spaces, it is generally better to work smarter, rather than harder, by designing rooms that naturally tend to stay clean and organized. At the same time you can turn the process of tidying up into a game, that will then encourage your children to take on that responsibility themselves.

Organizational bedsThe first thing that you should do is declutter. Take all of their toys, books, and art supplies, and put anything that isn’t used on a daily basis into a giant bin or chest. That will open the space up, while limiting the clutter that can accumulate through use. The kids can still go into the bin to retrieve something, but being out of sight they will often tend to forget it’s there, making it easier to manage the space.

Another thing that you can do to increase the inherent tidiness of your child’s bedroom is to employ furniture pieces that have multiple functions. A good example would be a bunk bed, with drawers built directly into the frame. A captains bed is another sleeping surface that can double as a storage unit. This will help by giving you more options for sorting their possessions, without taking up usable floor space.

Turning cleaning into a game is a great way to alter your children’s perception of the act in order to encourage them to more readily take part in it. Storage bins can be dressed up with wrapping paper to make them look like giant presents. A hoop can turn a laundry basket into a game of basketball. Dressers can also be turned into castles, dollhouses, trucks, or almost anything that you can imagine with a little construction paper and tape.

It’s a good idea to encourage your kids to keep score of all of the “points” they get whenever they successfully “make a basket.” That will give them something to play against, either aiming for a higher score than their siblings, or challenging their own triumphs over the course of subsequent days.

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