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Protecting Wood Furniture

Wood Furniture

Natural wood furniture can be a beautiful addition to the home, adding character and warmth to the space it inhabits. When manufactured well, products made from wood can last through decades of use. However there are certain steps that should be taken in order to protect and preserve the surface of these furnishings from possible damage due to dents, scratches, chips, and cracks.

Wood BedsThe first thing you should do is assess the environment that the wood furniture piece will be used in. These products are generally not rated to handle outdoor use or exposure to the elements. You may also want to keep them away from basements, as those rooms often have flooding or high humidity problems. Wood pieces are best employed in interior spaces that are moderate in temperature.

Wood furniture should be cleaned on a regular basis, however it is important to avoid getting the surface too wet, or allowing moisture to linger after you are done. The best method will be to apply special wood cleaner to a cloth or paper towel, and then rub it into the wood thoroughly. Afterwards a clean cloth can be used to wipe down the piece in order to remove any lingering liquids.

Bunk BedsFurniture legs are particularly vulnerable to damage, as they have to support the weight of the entire piece. Place these furnishings strategically, along walls but outside of the path of any entryways to avoid unnecessary collisions. You should also employ particular care whenever the object is moved from one space to another, lifting rather than dragging to avoid friction strain.

In some cases sunlight can cause fading, and may give the finish of the piece a washed out, vague look. To avoid this, employ curtains at times of the day when the sun is particularly bright in the specific room. Furniture can also be moved to avoid direct line of sight with large windows. If fading does occur, it can be fixed by applying a fresh coat of varnish.

Solid wood is a beautiful, natural material, and furniture that is crafted from it has the potential to last for generations. This is particularly true because wood can be employed in nearly any decorative style past or present. A few simple precautions can help to protect the surface of these pieces, while also keeping them looking great for years to come.

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