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The Best Beds For Kids

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What are some of the best beds for kids? That depends on your space, needs, and the function it will serve. If you have kids sharing a room then a bunk bed might be a great idea. For children who have particularly small bedrooms you might want to find a bed that serves many uses. At the same time there is a certain sense of style that should be adhered to and the durability, quality, and dependability of the product is also important.

Best Beds For KidsIf you have kids that are sharing a room then purchasing a bunk bed is one of the best choices you can make. These are inherently space saving devices that allow you to include two sleeping areas while only taking up the floor area of one. They can also include drawers, shelves and other options that can allow them to double as great storage and organizational pieces.

KFS Stores has an excellent collection of kids bunk beds that are built to be so durable that they exceed the ASTM’s requirements for product safety. They are also built from either solid wood or high quality MDF composite, and they have real metal on metal connectors, so they will be able to last through years of use. You can also find twin over twin, full over full, and twin over full sizes to match your requirements.

Captains beds are some of the best beds for kids. These clever pieces are designed with numerous storage options including both shelves and drawers, and sometimes even trundle pull outs, all built directly into their frame. That allows them to do double duty as giant dressers that your kids can sleep on.

Beds For KidsThe solid wood design of our KFS Stores is one of the best features of our kids beds. This all natural material has a timeless quality, that will allow pieces made from it to be used in nearly any decorative setting. That means that you can literally get years of use out of our products, despite the changes that will tend to occur in your kids style and tastes. It is also very strong and durable, and will withstand the rigors of even energetic play.

At KFS Stores we have a wide variety of beds for kids, including loft beds, daybeds, and novelty products. The best choice for your kids will be the piece that fits the needs of their room, while bringing them the most joy and comfort. Shop our wide selection to find the perfect pick, and don’t forget to check out our bedroom bundle sets where you can purchase multiple items and save money.

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