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How to Polish Wood Furniture

How to Polish Wood Furniture

Caring for your wood furniture is not an everyday task, and generally products made from this material will stand up well to the weathering of years. However, every once in awhile you will want to revitalize the look and glamour of your surfaces using a little bit of polish. This can consist of any of a number of substances that get wiped onto the wood, in order to reinvigorate it and restore some of the vitamins and essential oils that may have dried out over time.

How To Polish Wood Beds

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The products that you will be using during this process will contain harsh chemicals that can cause health problems if you inhale them. Make sure that you undertake this task in a very well ventilated area. The ideal is to polish your wood furniture outdoors during temperate weather. If you are stuck in an interior space make sure that you have all of the windows and doors open, and you may want to consider the use of a fan.

Start by stripping the wood of any lingering wax or buildup that may have accumulated over time. Wood stripper can be purchased from any major hardware store or grocery. However it is important to test out the product that you choose on a small, out of the way section of the piece first, in order to make sure that there is no discoloration or damage that occurs. Once you are sure it is safe it can be applied using a clean cloth.

Polish Wood FurnitureAfter you are done removing any excess gunk that has built up over the years you are ready to start polishing your wood furniture. You will want to apply the cleansing agent using another clean, dry cloth. Wipe it on the surface sparingly, coating everything, but not leaving any excess that will cause drip marks. When you are done let the piece sit for about 20 minutes to dry.

The final step is to buff your wax polish. Use a third clean, dry cloth, and go over the surface of your wood furniture, wiping away any excess polish. This should leave the item looking new and invigorated, with a slight glow that is luminous and beautiful. This can be done again every year or so, ensuring that your furnishings always look like they were just purchased.

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