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6 Tips For Longer Lasting Kids Furniture

Kids Bed Care

Buying furniture is an investment in the look, quality, and function of your home. However kids often don’t understand that concept, and the furnishings placed in their room can be damaged through rough play and careless measures. That is why it is important to take some simple precautions in order to ensure that your kids furniture pieces will last through years and even generations of use.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately
Liquids are some of the most insidiously dangerous substances to furniture, especially when it is made of wood. When spills occur, it is important to wipe them up immediately and dry the surface as completely as possible to avoid any moisture penetrating into the piece.

Regularly Clean Surfaces
Over time dirt, dust, and debris will naturally accumulate on the surface of kids furniture pieces. Removing this on a regular basis by using a wood or appropriate cleaning agent, or a polish, can help to prevent these marring substance from getting too thick or ground in to easily wipe away.

Block Direct Sunlight
Sunlight, especially when direct and prolonged, can cause discoloration in a number of materials. If you have a kids furniture piece in front of an open window you can use curtains or blinds to offset the rays and protect your possessions.

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Lift Whenever Moving
Furniture legs are often the most vulnerable elements of a child’s furnishing product. Whenever these pieces are moved from one place to another they should be lifted directly, rather than sliding them across the floor. This prevents damage to the piece as well as scratches in the surface it rests on.

Instill Good Manners
Teaching your kids to value their possessions and take care of them is a good habit to instill in general. It can also lead to them treating their furniture including beds, dressers, and storage units, with more care, which can help to prolong the functional life of these pieces.

Refinishing Options
If a piece of kids furniture gets to a point where it has a discolored or shabby outer appearance, but is still structurally sound, then it can often be refinished. This involves stripping down any lacquer that was originally applied to the wood, and then replacing it with a fresh coat. An even easier option is to simply paint over the entire piece, giving it a completely revitalized appearance.

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