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Kids Storage Furniture

Often children have small bedrooms, or have to share a single space with one or more siblings. That makes the storage furniture that you buy for these environments particularly important. Pieces such as dressers, chests, and shelves have to be functional and conserve the area available. At the same time they are also going to be large dominant pieces, so you can’t ignore the style and quality of the products. In many cases the best bet will be to try and find items that can do double duty, such as beds that have storage built directly into them.

One great piece of kids storage furniture that you can find is called a captains bed. Named for the masters of sail who lived in tiny cabins for years at a time, these pieces have been designed with storage built directly into the frame, allowing you to save room while optimizing the entire area. Several of the models we have available also include pull out trundle beds that can give you extra sleeping space when necessary.

Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Espresso Staircase Bunk Beds 2914 Full

If you really need to optimize the space in a teen or child’s bedroom then you should think vertical, with one of our beautiful bunk bed options. These place one sleeping space above the other to create two fully functional beds. At the same time many of them include built in organizational features such as under frame drawers and storage which are inserted into the staircase leading up to the top bunk.

Finding the right piece is important for any room, and with children you have to consider a long term perspective. They might love pastels and super heroes when they are young, but as they mature products with those features can become outdated, prompting replacement if they were not chosen carefully. Our line of solid wood night stands and dressers are great because they have a timeless quality that works for an infant, but can last all the way through college dorm room years.

Storage Furniture

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One of the tricks to finding kids storage furniture that looks good and is also price effective is to purchase sets. On the KFS Store you will find a number of bundled products that include things like beds, dressers, chests, desks, and more, all built from the same natural wood and stained in matched colors that flow evenly with one another. These are all offered at a bulk discount rate allowing you to easily outfit a child’s bedroom without breaking the bank or spending all of your time trying to coordinate different colors.

Kids Sets

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