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Back To School Kids Desk Furniture

It’s that time of year, the lazy days of summer are fading and as a cool breeze cuts the warmth that has suffused the past few months, kids and parents turn to the necessities of school, and work. That makes this the perfect occasion to start shopping for functional back to school desk furniture pieces, that can help to get children excited about returning to their studies, while also giving them a place to complete homework, research, reading, and assignments.

Unfortunately children’s bedrooms are often small, and have limited space for desks and chairs where they can stretch out and do all of their work. That’s why KFS Stores has a great selection of cleverly built beds that incorporate study friendly features directly into the design. Many of these use elevated sleeping surfaces, which leave room down below for a scholastic cove, where your kids can handle schoolwork without filling the entire area with large furniture pieces.

Our All In One Espresso Loft Bed is a great example of this. A single, solid piece of natural wood construction, it is designed with a sleeping surface which is risen high above the room. Then built directly into the frame beneath is a great desk, including a number of storage drawers that can be used to holds books, writing materials, reference pieces, and notes. That creates a perfect little office for your child, that also leaves the rest of the room open for play when their homework is done.

One of the great things about back to school furniture shopping is that it is a chance to get your children enthusiastic about the season. Many kids dread the end of summer freedom, and groan at the thought of teachers and classes.However by remaking their room with a large piece that is designed to help them study, you can invigorate them with a sense of energy that will carry through as they begin the toil of study once more.

If you’re looking for something sleek and sophisticated for an older teenager heading back to school then you may want to consider our Donco Silver Metal Bunk Beds With Desks built into them. These feature sleek metallic lines that are powerful, yet subtle, providing the room with an elegance that is perfect for kids of any age. This modern look also carries through to the under sleeping surface area, where you find a desk and chair set up to look like the most sophisticated of grown up office environments.

Many of our back to school kids desk furniture products are currently on sale at discounted prices, allowing even budget conscious parents to acquire new pieces for their children’s bedrooms. We also offer matched sets, that come with several different items including beds, desks, drawers, and dressers, all built from the same material with the same color lacquer gracing their face, allowing you to completely outfit a room for even less.

If you have younger kids who are heading back to school for the first time, then a low loft bed may be the best option for you. These have sleeping surfaces that are elevated, but not as much as a standard bunk, to help allay any height fears that may be present. At the same time the design allows for a desk to be fitted in the space below, and drawers to be embedded in the frame throughout.

Back to school time doesn’t have to be a drag. With our great collection of children’s desk furniture pieces you can help to invigorate your kids with a sense of excitement for the coming year. At the same time you can save money with our great discounts and bundles, while also saving space with the clever and functional integrated designs offered in many of our products.

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