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KFS Stores 2015 Back To School Sale

The back to school season is an exciting time when children transition from the lazy days of summer, to the scholastic pursuits that will help them one day achieve their dreams. That makes this the perfect opportunity to reorganize your kids rooms, in order to make them more efficient, while outfitting them with the furniture pieces they need to study, do homework, and complete crafts and projects. That’s why KFS Stores is having a huge back to school sale, where we are discounting a wide variety of desks, organizational beds, and functional furnishings that will help your little scholars shine as they learn.

One of the most popular items for sale in our back to school event is the Donco Short Kids Bunk Bed With Desk. This is a clever piece that employs a raised sleeping surface that elevates the mattress, without pushing it up to the full height of a standard loft design. That creates enough room underneath for both storage features, and a desk which can be paired with a chair to create an instant work space. Now available at a discounted price for a limited time.

The great thing about the space saving kids furniture pieces that we have on sale, is that they allow you to optimize a child’s bedroom, embedding as much function as possible into every inch of the area. At the same time these are all high quality products, that are built to last through years of rugged use, while also maintaining a level of safety that will give you peace of mind.

A great example of the functional designs that we have available in our back to school furniture sale is the Donco Twin Bookcase Trundle Bed. This product features two rows of drawers for a total of six pull out organizational features that are embedded directly into the frame of the item. This is then reinforced by a shelving unit that acts as the headboard of the piece, giving you a place where you can both store and display additional keepsakes.

Another great product that is on sale in our massive store wide back to school event is the Espresso All In One Loft Bed. This is a masterpiece of conservative design, that features a raised twin sized sleeping surface, which is built over an embedded desk unit, with drawers and even a pull out trundle inserted into every inch of inner frame that is not used as a support structure. That gives you everything you need to outfit a young student’s room in a single piece that won’t take up much space.

The KFS Stores back to school sale includes numerous furniture pieces and furnishings, including bunk beds, captain beds, trundle beds, desks, chairs, dressers, chests, and drawers. These pieces can be used in children’s bedrooms, teen spaces, playrooms, guest rooms, and even home offices, depending on exactly what you need. And best of all they are on sale right now, so if you hurry you can nab them at a steeply discounted price.

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