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Cute Bunk Beds For Girls

There are a number of cute bunk beds for girls that can turn otherwise cramped spaces into wide open areas that can be used for a variety of functions. These are most often employed in childrens bedrooms, however they are also perfect for teenagers, dorms, and loft apartments where you have limited room, and need to make the most of what you have. At the same time they can still be stylish, attractive, and create a sense of distinct decorative beauty within the room.

Some of the most cute bunk beds for girls will be novelty pieces that can help to ignite the imagination of a child. Pieces such as our doll house loft beds can become more than just sleeping surfaces. They can actually take on a life of their own, becoming interactive toys within the environment. It will make your child feel like they are a toy themselves, living in a magical wonderland of adventure and play.

More standard options include wooden or metal loft pieces. These can be cute bunk beds for girls that will also grow and remain elegant over time, making them perfect for small children, but appropriate for young teens and tweens as they age through the years. That versatility also allows them to be used in guest bedrooms, or dorms, where you want something that is both stylish, and functional to help invigorate the area.

One of the cutest furniture pieces that we offer for girls are the tent bunk beds with built in slides. These make use of a draped tarp design that turns the space beneath the sleeping area into a secret garden that can be used for tea parties, meetings with stuffed friends, and even as a work area that is isolated from the rest of the environment. The bonus is that the attached slide makes waking up for school each morning an adventure where they can slip into the day with a sudden, swift, and sloping excitement.

When looking for a cute bunk bed for your daughter you should work with her. Look at the full selection of wooden, metal, low loft and novelty furniture pieces that we offer at KFS Stores together, and then decide on what would be right for her as an individual. This can be a fun process, and may even help you to get to know one another better.

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