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Bunk Beds For Small Rooms

Space can often be limited in a home or apartment, requiring children to share a single room. This area may be tiny itself, which makes it important to be as efficient as possible with what you have to work with. Bunk beds for small rooms can help with this, giving you the ability to multiply the sleeping areas that are available for your kids by stacking them vertically. At the same time you give each child their own distinct area that they can claim and maintain as their own.

There are a lot of different options when you start shopping for bunk beds for small rooms. Wooden pieces are a good choice, because they are durable, versatile, and have a timeless elegance that can grow with your children as they age and mature. Available in a number of different color finishes, you can choose merlot, honey, white, or premium espresso hues, that will let you match them to the design of the space you are creating.

At KFS Stores we have a variety of wooden bunk beds that are perfect for small rooms of almost any shape and size. Our pieces are sturdy, durable, and even exceed ASTM standards for safety, so you know that they will be reliable for years to come. We also have options such as twin over twin, twin over full, and full over full pieces so that you can get the right size for the children that will be using them.

One of the problems you may face when forced to have two kids share the same area is that it can feel cramped, and they may even have problems with a loss of identity and individuality, which can lead to conflicts throughout the years. With our bunk beds each child will have their own distinct space. The upper tier is a tower of tranquility, which is isolated from the lower regions by its very nature. At the same time the lower bunk is like a secure cove, a cave that can be designed and refined however the child using it likes.

In some cases you can also purchase novelty loft or bunk beds for small spaces. With a raised design, even a single child in a cramped room can take advantage of the efficiency of design by placing a desk or dresser under the furniture piece. There are also whimsical slide shoot, and doll house bunk beds, which can turn the furniture piece into a living toy that will actually enhance their experience in the environment.

The important thing is to match the nature of the bunk bed that you are using in a small room to the kids that will be using it. This will be determined by age, preference, and function, as well as the personality they display. Luckily KFS Stores has a wide variety of furniture options which can let you choose exactly what you need to make the space great.

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