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Kids Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is a time of imagination and creativity, where anyone and anything is possible. Ghosts rise into the night, witches soar through the air, monsters lurk in the dark, and strange creatures are everywhere. This is generally expressed through costumes, but beyond that, many people enjoy engaging in kids Halloween decorating projects, to help suit their environment to feel of the season. This can involve both simple, subtle ideas throughout the home, as well as more elaborate attempts in living rooms, bedrooms, and children’s play spaces.

There are various Halloween decorating ideas that can be employed, depending on the specific space that you are working on. With a kids’ room, you have a lot of options to get really creative and playful. In this space bunk beds can be turned into creepy caves by letting blankets flow down over the sides. Thin, translucent black and orange cloths can be placed over lamps to illicit shadows and holiday hues. You can also choose to use color or pattern themed blankets, pillows, and sheets to further the effect.

Closets can also be converted into fun Halloween decorating features. Clear out an old storage space and fill it with creepy ghouls and ghastly ghosts. The door itself can be a portal to evil on the outside, and inside can contain a mirror decorated with spiders or rats for a gruesome self portrait. Since it’s an enclosed space you can even set a whole horror scene like a semi life size collage.

For general Halloween decorating, you can make use of a variety of purchased props including mechanical creatures that roar and move, inflatable monsters, cardboard wall hangings and hanging critters that string from the ceiling. Most of these effects can also be achieved through fun and clever crafting techniques. In that way you can let your kids draw the monsters and ghosts, cut them out of construction paper themselves, and even string them from the sky to make their ideas fly in a very fun, interactive, and personal holiday activity, that will also save you money.

There are numerous elements that can be employed to help evoke the spirit of the holiday in subtle yet distinct ways. Cotton can be strung between dressers and other furniture pieces to elicit the look of creeping spiders and decrepit age. Slime is also a relatively inexpensive prop that can be placed in goblets, fish bowls, vials, and or beakers for a weird and ghastly effect. You can even uses old cereal boxes, washed out milk cartons, and other cardboard pieces, wrapped in colored construction paper drawings to make dimensional characters and features.

There are countless kids Halloween decorating ideas that can be used beyond those mentioned here. The most important thing is to employ the full force of your imagination in order to create the look, effect, and scene that you want. You should also work with your children to incorporate their ideas into the environment as well. You can then employ crafts, paper, cut outs, and other simple effects across otherwise mundane furniture pieces, to coat your home in the Halloween spirit.

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