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Bunk Beds For Girls With Stairs

Continuing with our presentation of exciting new children’s bedroom furniture offerings, this week we are introducing a lovely line of merlot hued bunk beds for girls with stairs. These quality pieces of solid wood construction feature two twin bedding areas, one above the other, in a functional space saving design that is great for kids, sisters, and siblings who might be sharing a bedroom. They also offer great storage features that allow you to save even more room, by organizing in the wasted space found in the structures frame.

Bunk Bed Safety

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Staircase Bunk Beds – 2814

These bunk beds for girls are made using real, solid wood materials which are held together with metal on metal connectors. The merlot cherry kissed hue comes from a tested lead and toxin free lacquer, which is applied with care and artistry to protect the surface of the piece while enhancing the natural grains of the wood. This combination of quality materials with precision crafting allows these bunk beds with stairs to actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety and durability.

The main feature of these bunk beds with stairs are the two, sturdy and durable twin bedding areas that rest one above the other. This is complemented by a full sized staircase which is built directly into the structure, providing a safe and stable way for your child to ascend and descend from the top bunk each evening. The overall look of the piece is powerful and elegant enough for older children, while still having enough whimsical light to be used in younger sibling’s bedrooms.

Bunk Beds With Stairs

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Staircase Bunk Beds – 2814

The inherent efficiency that these girl’s bunk beds can add to a room is increased by the variety of storage options that are built directly into them. The staircase feature also doubles as a four dresser drawer, with each unit pulling out of the empty area beneath the steps in the frame of the bed. You also have optional under bed configurations, including a pull out three drawer unit, or a twin sized trundle bed, which can provide a third sleeping surface for when friends want to stay the night.

All of the drawers found in these girls bunk beds with stairs measure an extra large 15”X18”X 5” giving you plenty of room for games, clothes, toys, or school supplies. They also roll out on smooth European gliders with safety stoppers to prevent drawers from accidentally slipping out and causing injuries. In addition all handles in these bunk beds for girls are inset for further safety and an elegant, integrated look.

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