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Bright Green Area Rugs

There is something striking about really beautiful, bright green area rugs. The color itself hearkens back to thoughts of nature and the living power of the teeming growing earth. This allows them to mimic the plush of a verdant lawn, or the underbrush of a murky wood, or even the moss laden surface of ocean tossed rocks, all within the comfort of your home. At the same time the bright lit beauty of the green itself is a perfect match and contrast to a variety of more subdued background options.

Green Area Rug PlacementThe BG69LM is one of our most bright rugs, with a glowing surface of neon hues that shouts out loud and proud into any surrounding environment. This is softened only by the gentle bristle of the plush fibers that make up its body, creating an interplay of sharp tones against the gentle comforting touch of these warm area rugs. This is a great choice for children’s bedroom and playroom where extreme colors will inspire imagination and creative thinking.

bright-green-rugs-3There is a subdued yet present energy to the surface of these bright Infinity IF3 Lime green area rugs. This comes from the contrasting wash of murky green toned hues, that are contained and restrained, while also being framed, by the bright white sparks of the over arching pattern, creating a surface that is complex in its symetrical simplicity. These are great rugs for brightly decorated living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, children’s spaces, and guest bedrooms.

Decorative Green RugsOur Infinity IF1 Citron area rugs are a subdued interplay of bright green lines and intricately laced white patterns. This creates a contrast of shades and hues, which dance back and forth in maze like trails of beauty and dignified grace. These are great rugs for social spaces, as well as rooms with a green themed decor. They can also help to gentle an environment, providing it with a soft, yielding cushion that is great for both comfort and play.

The use of these bright green area rugs can help to make a space stand out, with color, contrast, and energy. At the same time they make a fun, playful backdrop against which you can get really creative with your palette choices. The brighter, more pervasive pieces will dominate an area, providing the visual interest necessary to dress up otherwise drab locations. More subdued green rugs will be better used in concord with other various matched shades.

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