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Youth Bedroom Furniture Sets With Chest and Nightstand

With these stylish, classic, merlot stained youth bedroom furniture sets you can outfit an entire child’s bedroom with everything they need to work, play, rest, and stay organized throughout the year. The combination consists of a dynamic, and powerful full sized captains bed, featuring an optional six drawer, twelve drawer, or under frame trundle and three drawer unit. This is paired with a storage chest, as well as a beside bed night stand for keeping books, reading glasses, magazines, and more.

Captains BedThe appeal of these youth bedroom furniture sets is that every piece is built to be matched to the rest, both in style, and in color. The real, solid wood materials are all treated with a lovely merlot lacquer that graces their surfaces with a harmonious blush of colors and enhanced textural grains. This creates an integrated look that can completely style a bedroom, drawing the various elements of the space together in a continuous whole.

Furniture Media CenterCaptain’s beds are based on the designs of real ships captains who, forced to live for months in cramped spaces and tiny cabins, developed furniture pieces that were able to do double duty when it came to storage. The result are beds that have multiple drawers embedded directly into the frame of the piece itself, acting as a small, large, or extra large dresser that doesn’t take up any extra space. This youth bedroom furniture set also has a functional storage chest as well as a matched night stand with a shelf and drawer.

The captains bed is also a customizable piece with three distinct options, allowing you to choose how you want it to function in the space where it is being used. The standard model includes six drawers, embedded directly into the side of the frame for storage and organization. You can also choose to have another six drawers installed on the other side for a total of twelves drawers, and enough space to eliminate a full dresser. Another choice allows you to purchase a bed with three drawers, and a pull out twin trundle bed that can be used for guests.
Night Stand Sets
The cherry blush of the lacquered surface of these youth bedroom furniture pieces is the perfect compliment for a variety of rugs that we carry. Perfect for pairing with earth tone, amber, or red area rugs, these plush, soft, underfoot pieces can finish a space, giving it a completed feel that is comfortable and inviting. That can turn a room into a living room, and a house into a home, working an ineffable magic on the atmosphere of an environment.

The pieces in this bedroom furniture set would work great in any child’s bedroom, or even in a playroom as a piece of youth storage furniture that can also double as a bed for guests. These furnishings also look great in guest rooms, as well as libraries and studies. The custom configurations available give you the ability to make a piece that is perfect for nearly any location where it is needed.

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