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Bedroom Furniture Sets With Desk and Storage

This week we are presenting the Discovery World Furniture honey bedroom furniture set with desk and storage accessories. This is an all in one compilation of elegant and practical furnishings, that can completely outfit a room in both functionality, and style. That allows you to completely decorate and outfit a child’s bedroom, guest room, playroom, dorm, or loft apartment without having to worry about mixing and matching various pieces to achieve the perfect look.

Bedroom Furniture Desk

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full Captain Bed with Desk, Hutch, Chair, and 5 Drawer Chest

This impressive bedroom furniture set consists of a full sized captains bed, a five drawer storage chest, a desk with a hutch and even more storage options, as well as a matching chair to complete the ensemble. That gives you a sizable sleeping area, organizational features, and a work station where homework, crafts, and art can be completed. At the same time, by combining these pieces into a matched collection we are able to save you money, by offering the entire thing at a discounted price.

By itself, the impressive and stately captains bed, which is the centerpiece of this bedroom collection, is a highly functional piece of organizational furniture that can be customized to meet the exact needs of the space you are creating. The under bed frame design can have either a full six drawer pull out storage unit, or an expansive twelve drawer unit, including pull out compartments on either side. If you would prefer to trade storage for function you can also choose to have this captains bed built with just three drawers, and a pull out twin sized trundle bed for extra sleeping space.

Bedroom Furniture Sets With Storage

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full Captain Bed with Desk, Hutch, Chair, and 5 Drawer Chest

In addition, this high quality furniture set also comes with a full five drawer chest unit, giving you even more functional storage space. Each of the drawers in all of the included units are a larger than industry standard 15” X 18” X 5” in size, and roll out smooth on European gliders, with safety stoppers to prevent injury.

The included desk measures 45.25” x 23.25” x 30.5″ H and comes with a chair matched to size accordingly. This desk also has a hutch, and two additional storage units on top, for pens, craft supplies, and other necessary work tools. Finally the pull out bottom drawer is the perfect place to set a computer keyboard, or even to rest a book or scholarly text.

All of the pieces found in these bedroom furniture sets with desk and storage are made from 100% solid natural wood materials, and are bound together using real metal on metal connectors for strength, safety, and durability. The honey lacquer finish is matched in all pieces as well, and serves both to protect the surface of these pieces from dents and damage, as well as enhancing the natural grain markings found in the material itself.

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